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My husband and three of his coworkers come here about one week a month to help the Jamaican military on a project. My husband asked a woman who works at the front desk on April 23, 2017, which she as the day he and his coworkers were leaving how much extra it would be if he brought his wife next time. He was told $75 US a night. However, once I arrived, and the hotel knows I’m essentially stuck here, they charged me $125 US/night. When my husband and I complained, Richard the Supervisor keeps saying "prices vary". My husband has a screen capture showing he was charged the online price, and the online price for an additional person is $66US/night. But Richard keeps repeating "prices vary. Why were we told $75 then? Why not just be honest? I really dislike dishonest business practices such as this. Clearly this hotel is taking advantage of me already being here, after my husband specifically asked how much it would be three weeks ago, when he was here helping the Jamaican military.

Do not stay at this sleazy resort. I hold people to a high ethical standard and clearly staff know they can screw me, so that’s exactly what they are doing.

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