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This hotel is not for those who love luxury and want a very luxurious hotel, in my opinion; I won’t be coming back here again unless I am assured of a great vacation because the last time I visited here in December 2013, it was a terrible experience for me. I can honestly say that it is the worst hotel I have been to since traveling to DR and won’t make the mistake of coming back here again. Let me start from the language barrier which is not necessarily important but it gets frustrating if even one staff can’t speak or understand a tad bit of English language. The check in was very slow and eventually I was taken to my room and it was all a joke. The room was in a state of disarray, it wasn’t well tidied and basically everything in the room wasn’t working at the time, the shower was not working and that was what made me change my mind to leave the next day. Hot water supply was not constant in fact they hardly had hot water. The customer service was drastically zero as there was not attempt on the part of the staff to be helpful. The only good thing I can say about this hotel is the fact that the price was low asides that, everything was wrong about this place. I can get a hotel with better service around this place for same price so I left the next day. I do not recommend it to travelers.

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