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The arrival was handled very efficiently, our Nolitours rep met us after customs and we had our luggage tagged and collected for the delivery to the resort, we boarded buses and left shortly after, on the bus we had a few beers and the ride went quickly with a running commentary on the scenery and the things we were passing, we stopped at a restaurant about halfway, it looks like a bit of a dump but the rice was great! Upon arrival we were met by the staff with drinks (skip the fruit punch its disgusting) and then collected our bands and room keys and were off, this went extremely smoothly maybe 5 minutes spent checking in. If you have any special requests I recommend going through Julia, she is amazing and everything we requested was well taken care of.

Rooms: The rooms were extremely nice but not luxurious, but really how long do you spend in your rooms? The king size bed was not too soft or hard and the couch was awesome (I fell asleep on it one night) the balcony is nice and the TV works well with enough English speaking channels to keep you entertained, Our shower was always hot except for the last day, but that was checkout day, 300 some odd people showering at the same time was too much for the system. The air conditioning was fantastic and kept the room downright cold when we turned it up. No musty smells and the maids changed and cleaned everything daily and properly Con: The chains on the door are to long, so much so that it makes the lock almost ineffective!

TIP: Get a breachfront room, the travel agent might say it doesnt matter, it does, the rooms at the top are up a flight of 86 steps, if you room is on the the third floor, you are talking around 120 steps everytime you want something, and absolutely everything is at the bottom, nothing but the lobbies and rooms are up top, it was 120.00 upgrade total for the room.

Restaurants and Bars: The restaurants were good the buffets are not really repetitive at all, there are the staples and I think that is what people are complaining about, but our buffets have staples too what do you want? I was never dissapointed and the omelets were great every morning, however I highly recommend booking as many al a cartes as possible and then going to the buffet if you are dissapointed, all in all a solid experience. Snack bars are there if you can’t find anything good, wings, burgers and fries. TIPS: The Farallon is a drink made with Banana, its deadly you cannot taste the alcohol and it tastes great. Bring a BUBBA KEG the glasses are way to small.

Yelkin at the Pool bar is the best bartender at the resort, order your drinks once and he will remember your name, your drink and is a great guy!

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Pools are a great size, the only problem was that the kids were not controlled at all, I am young and am not overstating this, however if this doesnt bother you there is nothing wrong with them with the exception of them being too hot, However the adult pool is colder if you want to be refreshed. The beach is nice, the sand is not too rough but can get quite hot, and staking out a palapa or tent is not a bad idea as the sun is intense, the water is nice however unless you go out the visibility sucks, so no snorkeling close to shore, the vendors are there but will not approach you unless you wave them over.

The grounds were well kept with no complaints at all, this resort is huge.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: This was the biggest downfall of the resort! Other than the booze cruise, marina and the Anton Valley, everything is a 2 – 3 hour each way trip for the excursions, they are a little pricey but the real killer is spending approximately 4 – 7 hours in a bus for a 3 hour excursion, it sucks, far and away the only real complaint about the resort, the decameron needs to start some closer excursions!!! The casino is great but be careful leaving at night, some shady people around!

Never made it to the discotheque but heard it was great!

Other Comments:
Great resort, met some great people, the shows were alright, but no english at all so that was not too enjoyable, I was crowned Mr. Decameron though so not too many complaints.

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