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Hi – we are considering this resort end of November 2006 – has anyone been there? Is El Salvador safe? Any information would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
also check out tripadviser alot of pics there alsoreh do you usually fly out of Montreal?I find Montrel appears more place to fly to and better days of the week to fly out on.

I like depatures of THurday to Saturday

Hi KozWe actually were considering flying out of Montreal this year – we have always done Toronto but Montreal is closer.However, it appears that Montreal is the same plane – they load up first in Montreal and then head to Toronto and coming home you drop off passengers in Toronto first and then head to Montreal and on top of that the taxes (which are wicked enough!) are $50 more to go out of Montreal.So……we will do Toronto again.Why pay more and spend so much more time on the plane.I am not too thrilled about a Thurs. departure, however, as it means more days to take off work – you will have to take at least 12 as opposed to only 10 if you left on a w/e. Oh well, really want to try this resort – it will make it our 6th Decameron – and we do like them and also = no surprises, really, as we know what to expect with Decamerons.


Thursday works great work since I am self employed.The one thing that stops me from going back to Panama is Monday departure

I have seen some flights that the start in Toronto then to Montreal and then south , thats werid!

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