Sad to see this forum so quiet | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

Some of us have been able to break our forum addiction!

We’re leaving in 24 days.

Some of us have been able to break our forum addiction!

We’re leaving in 24 days.

Have an awesome vacation.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………

Didn’t go last last year so I haven’t posted in a long time. We can’t go until April this year and the price just went up, so we haven’t booked. But we are definitely going, we found we really missed not having a sun vacation last year.

I do check this Mexico forum as well as the Cuba forum. Hopefully going to Mexico in May, either Iberostar Grand Paraiso or Zoetry. Can’t wait to be back in Mexico, land of beautiful people, tequila, Mayan chocolate, silver, and turquoise beaches. I get so IRKED when people say negative things about going to MX, like "OOOh, I’d never go there, I don’t want to get shot." My favourite Mexico tip is to visit a Mexican Walmart – a completely different world than our North American Walmarts. If you are on a budget, this is a great place to pick up tequila for ten bucks, as well as unusual Mexican sweets for half the price of tourist shops. I pick up birthday cards and birthday banners at their ‘dollar store’ section which are great to take to Cuba.

Well, off to look up my hotels in Mexico now… cravings!

I do check this Mexico forum as well as the Cuba forum. Easier to bookmark the search page, then you get the most recent posts from all the forums instead of having to check each area.

We’re headed to San Miguel de Allende in the fall. No beach, no AI, no Walmart, just culture … how boring.

I know I dropped in a few times and not much news. We did not get to go away this year or last so not much to report. The Bahia Nuts are Planning a trip in 2014 so hope to get some updates. Hey Jake time to chirp in…

Forum has been quiet, The Bahia Nuts are booked for April 2014 this time trying the Luxury Bahia Sian Kaan side of the resort. Looking forward to see what other travellers are planning.

I see the resort contact info hasn’t been updated since 2006….people need more reliable /current info. If it’s not here you look someplace else

sandycracks, on the Cuba forum, I have been updating contact information when advised of changes by members. There has been no similar update notifications from those using the Mexico forum. If members on this forum have any corrections they would like made, we will make them. I shall create a thread for people to post updates on so that we can follow up.

We are off to Mexico first time in 12 yrs 13 of us goin 16 more days n we can’t wait !! Two wks of beach n no snow !!!!

Well, I will be having a wake tonight for Debbie. A few swigs of rum and then lights out. Sad.

Still waiting for a ED section on ForumCuba for ex-Debbies.

A true Bahia Nut here…used to go by DDF, but now new handle. Haven’t been back to Mexico in a few years as we discovered the Luxury Bahia Ambar in Punta Cana. We have been returning there every year, but now we are going back to the Luxury Bahia Akumal. Last time we were in Mexico was 2007, so looking forward to our return.

We leave on April 23, anyone else going at that time.

Sometime in the future I will definitely return to the Iberostar Quetzal/Tucan in Playa del Carmen.

I probably won’t be getting back to Mexico until the prices come back into the sane range. Over $1000 for the Allegro Cozumel? I can get far better bang for my buck (and much better customer service. They’ve gone WAY downhill in the past few years) in Cuba lately.

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