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We are booked for the Royal Decameron March 26 until April 9Anyone else going at the same time, I know that lynnb will be there!

Woohoo Kelley! isn’t it exciting!! now just the wait…. we are to get up to 35 cm of snow today, makes me want to go sooner.

Lynnb: Oh my, with winters like that, why are going in March?

Kelley: Five words Kelley: YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE IT!


I know I know, the fellow travellers we are with prefer going end of march so they can return to sunny nice warm weather. I prefer end of january early to mid february. oh well rite? My DH this am, reminded me of that viagra commercial… he is an avid sledder and has been spit polishing the machine for the last month. his joy is sickening LOL

I prefer March and April or Sept and Oct myself. Who am I kidding, I prefer anytime to go to the beach and have fun 8) Actually I am scheduled to head back in March (the 15th to the 26th) so I am doing the countdown too.


vyro, i agree! anytime that is a get away to a hot sunny destination….I have never been anywhere this late in the year, curious to see the difference when we return. A couple years ago we went to the DR first part of March. When we got home we just missed a major snow storm here. As we left wpg, it wasn’t too bad, heading north home, the snow got deeper and deeper. We were informed that we missed an incredible storm while we were gone. Our temps are usually a bit better by that time. Jan/Feb here get cold, that’s when i would perfer the break in winter. But coming home in April should prove interesting. Maybe all the snow will be gone? ok likely not. lol
We prefer to go in March or April, for the same reason, we will come back to not so bad weather. Our winters here in ON arn’t as bad as your in WPG, but it is still nice to come home to some warmer spring like weather.

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