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Your photos are AMAZING and WONDERFUL!

Thanks for sharing

Roatan just jumped to #1 on our vacation "must go" list.

Hey Wos

Awesome pictures of the sharks. They really turned out great!

Thanks for taking the time to download them all and posting them for us.Hey, where are all of the pictures of you I took with the sharks?.

Freedom Ryder 8-)………………….

Glad to hear you guys made out well. Cool eyes on some of those sharks. Didn’t see any shots of teeth, but I’m betting you are darned happy not to have seen them up close.

Hey DeputyIt was wild when the sharks were trying to get the chum from the bucket.There is only between 2lbs to 3lbs of chum in the bucket, just enough to attract the sharks.Once the lid is taken off of the bucket the sharks go into a feeding frenzy, which is really incredible to witness. At that point all the divers stay back and just watch.

Diving with the sharks is really something that every diver should do at least once in their dive career. It really is an amazing experience to see these beautiful creatures up close.

Freedom Ryder 8-)………………

The killing of sharks continues……….A week before we went on our shark dive at the ‘Cara-a Cara’ dive site a group of fishermen on a fishing boat caught and killed a shark.The owner of ‘Cara-a-Cara’ was not impressed to say the least and went and confronted the fishermen responsible for killing the shark.Apparently it was not handled calmly, words were exchanged and the fishermen rebelled. The next day the waters at the dive site were filled with fishing boats all trying to catch a shark.The matter has died down for the time being but they feeling the killing of sharks will continue as long as there is someone willing to pay the price to buy the dead sharks.

This was very sad to hear and we really hope that something can be done to stop the needless killing of these sharks.

All of the sharks are female that come to this dive location and most of them are carrying babies at this time of the year. Freedom Ryder 8-)………….

Wossa!!!!!You actually took those??? Amazing…. if I would’ve been that close….. I think my trunks would’ve been so full…. I never could’ve come back up to the surface…. ;D

Just Amazing!!!!!

We was joined by an adult Hammerhead shark whilst diving on a wall dive during our week, it came up from the blue to take a look at us, before diving back down….just too quick for either of us to get a picture

They were fantastic dives, and its great to have some pictures to remember them by…..

Wossa……. ;D

Sounds like NS story… you know….. the one about the one that got away!!!… ;DBut really, it would’ve taken me quite a bit to just stick around……. but GEEEEEZZZ!!! what a rush it must have been…… I envy you.. and I don’t!!!!

If you have any more pics…. would LOVE to see them….

Sounds like NS story… you know….. the one about the one that got away!!!… ;D Too Funny! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;DThe Hammerhead Shark that we saw was actually on a ‘Reef Dive’ and we did not expect to come across one.Another couple in our dive group also saw the Hammerhead Shark and once we all surfaced he said he almost had a heart attack as he thought the shark was going to eat him, lol.

That is the first time Wossa and I have ever seen a Hammerhead Shark on any of our dives. It was an incredible moment that will stay with us forever.

Freedom Ryder 8-)………………….

….. and with all those sharks around, you were NOT in a cage?What was the feeling when you saw them start to show up and then having the whole slew of them around….. can’t even start to imagine the rush it must have given you!!!!!

you almost tempt me to try it at least once…..

…and they were certainly paying more attention to us, coming in and bumping occasionally.It really is an awesome buzz to do this, and you should bite the bullet and give it ago if you have the chance. I think it’s only a matter of time before this activity maybe stopped because of incidents that have occurred with non caged operations over the last year or so……who knows, but it certainly is a thrill to be in the water with such an amazing animal.

Wossa………. ;D

…..BUMPING??? You two are nuts!!! ;D…..Bite the bullet???? as long as I’m the only one that bites…… just thinking about it gives me a warm feeling…(be right back , have to change my pants…) ;D

…because of incidents that have occurred???? Hummmm, you really make me want to go now…!

But in all honesty ….. you two have b*lls and I raise my hat to you…

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