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Sheraton Grand – Paradise Island – Reviews Posted – 4

August 2003

In June 2003 we returned to the Sheraton Grand for our 10th year, We love it there ! All the rooms have an ocean view with a small balcony, the rooms are spotless, the maids are very friendly, there are only 300 rooms, so by the end of the week all the staff knows you and you are treated royally, from the doorman, who will open the door all week for you, to the lifeguard, who will carry and place your beach chair anywhere you want, to the waitresses who come out on the beach and take your food and/or drink order. You are provided with free beach towels daily. I don’t suggest the all-inclusive since there are only 3 resturants at the Sheraton, Try The Blue Lagoon, for Breakfast, its only a block away [Closed on Sundays] Suggest Anthonys or The Outback for dinner or Julies [Italian] in the Sheraton, for is great and all the waiters SING ! Five years ago, we celebrated our 30th anniversay at the Sheraton, at our request, the hotel arranged for a minister to meet us at the waters edge, and renew our vows, just as the sun was going down. For a relaxing vacation with a beautiful beach and friendly staff, stay at the Sheraton Grand, For a hectic, loud, busy, more expensive vacation stay at the Atlantis.

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July 2003

We just returned from our honeymoon at the Sheraton Grand Resort. Overall is it was a wonderful and relaxing vacation. Overall the hotel was very clean and the staff was very nice.

We checked into the hotel with no problems but we when got to our room we were kind of disappointed. We were on the 11 floor but it did not have a full ocean view like we thought we paid for. Plus the phone was not working. So we went back down to the front desk and requested a new room. They gave us a new room on the fourth floor. (Which was good because there was small fire one day that made the hotel lose power for 6 hours so we had to walk up and down the stairs.) Still no full ocean view but the phone worked. The rooms were nice but there was nothing special about them. Both the rooms were over the top of the restaurant so we could hear the air conditioner blowing everytime we sat on the deck. The bathroom was a little small and the balconies could barley fit the two chairs that were on them. The maid service was very good. Our rooms were always made up and we always got clean towels.

We sat on the beach every day. They have nice lounge chairs that the staff places anywhere you want on the beach. The water was nice and warm and the beach was very clean. The beach did have a few down sides. There were natives everywhere who kept asking you if you wanted your hair braided or a wrap or to go jet skiing. Also the hotel is right next to the public beach which means that the people from the cruise ships kept coming over to our beach and trying to use the chairs. The staff did an ok job trying to keep them away but they always kept coming. Starting at 11:00 everyday the waits staff would come down to the beach and bring you drinks or lunch which is a an added plus.

The pool was nice but kind of small. The few kids that were at the hotel seemed to hang out at the pool all day.

Overall the food was pretty good. You only had one choice for breakfast. It was nice. You could have the buffet or order something from a small menu. For lunch there was only one choice as well. They had a medium size menu. Everything from pizza and burgers to the island special of conch fritters. For dinner there were two choices either an Italian restaurant or the Bistro. It does help to make reservations but it is not necessary if you do not mind waiting a bit. Even if you made reservations they kept you waiting which we could never understand because the restaurants were never full. The Italian restaurant was surprisingly good for a tropical island. My husband got the Chicken Parmesan every time we went there. The Bistro was the nicer of the two. It had a nice view of the ocean. They had steaks, fish and chicken. The menu was not that large. We both got the same thing both times we went – Surf and Turf. By the end of the week were sick of the two choices and took a ten minute cab ride back over the bridge to Nassau to eat at Outback Steakhouse!

On the down side of the food, the service was very, very slow. It took the staff a very long time to even come over to you. They would take your order and not be seen again for 20 minutes. We usually got our salads before our drinks came. And forget refills of drinks because they never came back around again to ask if you were ok. We solved that problem by getting a bottle of water and a bottle of wine so we did not run out of drinks. I think it may be because they automatically add 20% gratuity on every check. And when I say every check, I mean every check. If you get a drink at the bar, they add it. We went all inclusive and it was great idea. Food and drinks are very expensive. We sat at the bar one day with another couple for a few hours and racked up a $75 tab just on drinks.

The hotel does not have any activies at night or during the day. The hotel bar was not hot spot at all. But the hotel was right next to Atlantis. We went over one night and lost some money at the casino. We also went though the Dig, which is their main attraction. It was nice not worth the $40 per person. The hotel was very crowded and expensive. I was glad that we decided not to stay there.

We took a ferry over to town one day to go to the Straw Market and to walk around a bit. It was a nice town with tons of duty free shopping.

Basically we spend the whole time sitting on the beach, enjoying yummy drinks and eating. If you are looking for a nice, relaxing hotel to visit this is the place to go.

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Sheraton Grand – Paradise Island Crystal Cohen
August 2002

My husband and I vacationed at the Sheraton Grand Resort from 8/1-8/4. The hotel was very nice. It was recently renovated and was beautiful inside and out. The beach was gorgeous, the water was warm. Although quite crowded, there were plenty of beach chairs and towels available. Be sure to go with the all-inclusive package. The food is excellent but extremely expensive. There is only one restaurant for lunch, poolside and one buffet restaurant for breakfast but they have a large variety and the food is good. The two sit down restaurants for dinner require reservations but they seemed fairly easy to book and the food (especially at the Rotisserie, I had steak and lobster tails two nights in a row) was excellent. The service can be slow but I’ve noticed that this is to be expected in the Caribbean. The Atlantis resort is right next door. It is like a mini city with an aquarium ($25 dollars per person), designer shops, and a casino. Atlantis is very expensive, so we opted for the Sheraton Grand and was not disappointed. It’s a great value for the money and we still were able to enjoy the excitement and the casino at the Atlantis. All the rooms at the Sheraton Grand have an ocean view, some are better then others. Try and get a room on an even numbered floor. The rooms on the odd numbered floors are over the air conditioners which can drown out the calming sounds of the ocean through your patio doors. The rooms are clean and well equipped with irons, ironing boards and hair dryers. Our room was always thoroughly cleaned and plenty of fresh towels were provided. The pool was also very nice and clean. I would have to say that this is more of a family resort. The majority of the guests were families with children. I only saw a few couples without children. We still enjoyed our stay, most of the children were out of the pool after 6:00 p.m. and the pool stays open late. We also rented scooters across the street from the hotel and rode around town which was fun. We enjoyed our stay at the Sheraton Grand and would definitely return.


Sheraton Grand – Paradise Island Kim Philadelphia, PA
July 2002

My boyfriend and I went to the Sheraton Grand at Paradise Island for 4th of July weekend. It was the perfect place for a long weekend away. We decided to go all-inclusive, and it was well worth it.

My boyfriend travels from Philly to San Diego every other week for work, so this 2 hour flight was nothing for him. We left at 8:30AM on an Apple Charter flight and we were in the Bahamas by 11:15AM. Beautiful. The only complaint about the flight was the food. If you are hungry, grab something at the airport before boarding.

The Resort
Everyone was very friendly. All the rooms have a semi-oceanview, but make sure that you get an odd numbered room. All of the odd numbered rooms are poolside, while the even numbered rooms are all above the air conditioners.

Every morning they give a bike ride tour of Paradise Island, and it is definitely worth doing.

The Beach
The beach was beautiful, and there were plenty of beach chairs for everyone. They provide wait service at the beach, but order two drinks at once because service is very slow. As a matter of fact, service is slow everywhere, but you get used to it.

The Food
The food was great, but your choices are limited. This is why I would suggest it for a long weekend trip. Every morning we did the buffet breakfast, and we ate every lunch at the beach restaurant. All I have to say is, "Bravo". The first night they had a Bar-B-Que and fireworks for 4th of July. The second night we went to the Italian Restaurant, and I have no complaints. The Shrimp Diablo contained (8) HUGE shrimp. On our last night, we went to the continental restaurant and each of us enjoyed an incredible Surf and Turf.

Just remember to make dinner reservations because you will not get a table without one.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I would definitely recommend spending the little extra up front and going all-inclusive because if we hadn’t gone all-inclusive we probably would have spent close to $1000 on food and drinks.


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Last updated: August 29, 2003

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