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We’re going back this summer. Can’t remember, though, which days the free shuttle runs from the Decameron to Panama City. I know Nolitours puts together a 10 and 4 day package which we went on last year and really loved it.They provided the transfer into the city. However this year I’m thinking of adjusting the times at each hotel a little, and they told me that I might have to make my own arrangements to get to the Decapolis. Anyone tell me the days that the bus operates???? Thanks LS.

Hi Lovesun,Sorry, I don’t have the answer to that one.don’t want you thinking that no one is reading this….. I am…. every day. But it would not seem that to many are, and when there are … not to many get involved…. or they’ve all gone south, lucky them.I’ve noticed that my posts don’t move much either…. it’s as if no one goes to Panama. That’s ok…. more room for us! ;D

Hope you’ll get your answer….

Gee I have been to the Decameron twice and never knew there was a free shuttle to Panama City. Grrrrrrr

Hey Ponder, I have read your review and seen all the pictures (nice) you have posted and I want to go back to Panama.

It was interesting to see where you stayed.Lovesun, have you been there in the summer? Just said to my husband today that we ought to go there in the summer some time. Just wondering what the weather is like. Both times we went, was in January.


Hi Lovesun … I’ve been doing a fair amount of research into Panama, as I’m interested in going next year. I haven’t heard of a "free" shuttle. The Decameron offers transfers at a fee (unless already covered with your package, at least this is my understanding). I e-mailed the "Decameron Explorer" which is located in the Panama Airport (next to Hertz) and received a reply immediately. (Quite impressed with their service) They provide bus transfers from the airport to the Decameron with return for $32.00 U.S. per person. If your interested in e-mailing the Decameron Explorer …let me know.

Lovesun … I stand corrected. You may have tried this already ….I did a search on "Royal Decameron Free Shuttle" … the following came up …Royal Decameron (Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Reviews) …"There is a free shuttle bus that you can book to Panama City on Monday, Wednesday …." If you click on it …it will give you numerous reviews on the Royal Decameron …obviously somebody wrote it in their review ….hopes this helps …good luck! If you find anything on it …let us know.

hey everyone, knew that I’d read about the shuttle bus on the hotel reviews and guess what? When I went to check, I found out it was my review. Feel a little foolish, but after all last summer was a long time ago.
Bebbie, yes we went in the summer. The temperature is pretty well the same because it’s so near the equator and when it rained it was only for a little while but that didn’t happen too much. They don’t like to tell people about the shuttle so at the oreintation meetingt they will only say something if you bring it up. There is information posted at the tour desk. We can hardly wait to go back in July. We are going to try to do the Decameron/Decapolis again.

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