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We just came back from a week at the Cocotal. Let me start by saying that we are totally beach people that go away from the resort for 4 to 6 hours every day for beach walks and our activities that we do. I would also want to say that all the resort staff ( EXCEPT THE COOKS AND MANAGEMENT ) are amazing and we are very grateful for all they do and try to do .

Arrival: Check in Fairly smooth process but there is a walk of about 200 feet from the driveway , thru a tunnel-like archway ( very beautiful ) to get to the front desk. There was nobody there to greet us and we had to drag our very large and fairly heavy bag through the tunnelway. Not a huge deal but we are usually met at the driveway by somebody in other resorts. At the desk they tell us a little about the place and we pay our $ 50 US deposit for the safe and the $ 21 US for the rental fees from the week. This seemed a little steep , but ,whatever , right ? A guy appears and loads the bags onto a push cart and I grab a few drinks for my babe and I and away we go to the room. After a tip is given we are going to unpack a bit and head out to see our new digs , but , my bag is not in the room. I call down to the desk and the phone reception is so bad that I cannot hear anything but static. So off I go to the desk and my bag is still on the bench right in front of the desk. I tell the staff that the phone is not working and they say they will send someone.

After 30 minutes we say " forget it " and we go out for the night.

Rooms: The room was okay , very standard really , but we did email a request and did a request thru sunquest that we would like a king bed and a second or third floor room. We were on the ground floor and twin beds. Oh well , our bed at home has aways been a twin so that doesn’t matter to us and the ground floor room had a balconey raised about 2 feet from the ground outside. We sleep with the patio door open and do not want too many bugs creeping in. I tried to open the patio door but the track was warped and even after some spray lube , it was still very hard to close it as there was not much to grab onto.

We had a water drip from the ceiling just outside the bathroom all week and down the wall in front of the toilet and behind the toilet for the week as well. We called the desk and a guy came and looked at the piping above the ceiling tiles and wiped them with a towel and left. I though that was pretty funny. The inner door on the safe fell apart too but he managed to stick a piece of wire in the back of it to hold it. Whatever ? right ?

Restaurants and Bars: The food for the first 5 days was poor at best. Everything was waaaaay over cooked to the point that even the chicken dried out your mouth to the point that you needed water with every bite. The only things that were not overcooked was bacon and the potatoes. These were waaaay undercooked. We tried the Japanese al a carte and beef and chicken that was cut to approx one quarter inch thick was cooked for 30 minutes on a very hot grill. Pre-cooked shrimp as you get in a shrimp ring was cooked for about 10 minutes. Pre cooked rice was cooked for 40 minutes and everything was salted down and then soaked in soy sauce. Basically everything was inedible. The appys they had before this meal were good tho. Cold , but good. We ate in the Mexican as well but that at least chewable. I am sorry to say that the food here is the worst we have had in any resort. For the last 2 days , there was a cooking staff change and the food did improve a fair bit but it was still not " good" They say " you don’t go to Cuba for the food " , well , you don’t come here either !

They have bars everywhere but the booze is very very watered down. But I guess they don’t want drunk people all over the place either.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Pools and grounds are very well kept. The staff here , as in all the places we have been to , are amazing. The beach has a lot of garbage on it from the ocean. We beach walk every day and we cannot help to think that if the resort owners that pay staff to clean the beach in front of their resorts could spend a bit more , say once a week to clean the garbage only from the beach between each other. On the beach walks we got all the Mr. Cheapys bugging us every trip to buy their stuff. Mr. Cheapys are spread out here so it is a bit tedious at times but we did buy a couple of nice paintings and some jewellery and I do understand they are only trying to make a buck so , whatever ? right ?

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We have done off-resort activities before and were not willing to waste our time again. Unfortunately the wind was very strong and lots of waves so snorkling was impossible. Boogie boarding was impossible too as the coral was very shallow in the only place that the coral reef ,that stretches all along the coast , had a break in it. We did have one day of rain but this was the first time this has ever happened to us so , whatever ? right ?

Other Comments: The big deal to us , The NOT " whatever ? right ? , was the time share people. I am an easy-going person , but these people are told BY MANAGEMENT , not to quit,,,,ever !! When you check in , if this is your first time , you get a blue wrist band , others get a white one. We were met by " our " concierge on the first morning and told us of our free gift that the resort gives to everyone and to be sure to get the $ 80 in resort credit that we were supposed to get. He then said that we could get to stay here again for half the price that we just paid and we could get amazing deals on all Sirenis resorts. I asked him " Is this timeshare ? " , he said " no , no way ! " I excused ourselves and said we are going to breakfast now and we would think about it. After breakfast we no sooner than left the buffet that another person started in on us. My wife and I both expressed to each other that we are not interested in timeshares and we told them so and continued walking as he walked beside us sying that he gets $ 10 for every person that attends a VIP breakfast at 8 am on tuesday and then a short 45 minute presentation. Again , we say no thank you. We were accosted 6 more times on that day and the next. I even went to their sales office to explain to them with logic and the fact that we paid $ 1200 per couple , airflight and departure taxes included and there is no way that we could could even just fly down there for that and that would mean that they would have to pay us to vacation there at those prices for it to be just even. They did not listen to me at all and more " concierges " gathered around me until I had about 8 people instead of the one I sat down across from. Still , " $ 80 senor , we will see you and your wife tomorrow !! I laughed and left. The next morning at 7 am ,the phone rang and I ignored it. At 730 am ,a knock on the door, I ignored it again. At around 8 30 or so we left for breakfast. As soon as we get to the walkway a guy comes up to us and " My friend come on , come on, we go now !! " I had enough by now so I took a couple of steps towards him and said VERY LOUDLY to " STOP ! NO ! STOP NOW ! " One of his managers saw this and ran up to him and told him to stop. From that point on we were invisible to all of the 24 or so " concierges " that are there. During our time we saw the pressure room for the sales and it was common to see people inside for 3 to 5 hours getting pitched at. This resort has devoted a huge building that was a ala carte and two bars to a pressure room and another huge area beside the seafood ala carte to a pressure room.

Never will I go back , and I wanted to tell about a mediocre resort trying to piss off as many people as they can. We talked to dozens of people during our stay and our tale was the norm. Sad really .

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