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When we arrived in Holguin Cuba it was just after the whole Swine Flu epidemic so we were a bit nervous to see so many Cubans wearing full face gear, but hey, can’t blame them for being health conscious. My husband and I were getting married on the beach and we were so excited to have our best man, maid of honour and her family with us. When we checked it, it was about 2000hr so it was dark, but we were welcomed by friendly faces, and welcome drinks, which I think I had about 3 I was so thirsty. We checked in no problem, took the little taxis shuttles to our rooms, and relaxed. My husband noticed that we had the view of dirt, and it wasn’t very romantic for us, so we changed rooms the next day. Not only did they change our room, but also our best man’s with no hassle at all. Our other friends had to change that evening because they were to had adjoining rooms for their kids, and that wasn’t right, but not a problem there. They were changed as well. We had read so many reviews before going that we really didn’t expect much out of the food. We were very surprised, and happy that the reviews were wrong. It’s Cuba people what do you expect to get? The Buffet was perfect for breakfast, and lunchs, we spent most of the time at Don Bartolo’s getting some polo fritto!! We actually made it through the drink list that’s painted on the top of the bar. Try it, it’s fun.

The wedding co-ordinator Yjami (spelt wrong I’m sorry) was absolutely amazing. She sat down with us for about 30min, that’s all we needed, she asked me the flowers I wanted, the song I wanted, type of cake and goodies, and all done. The day of the wedding i had my hair done in my room, we had champagne every day in our mini fridge, not high class but hey it’s free, and my wedding day. Put my dress on, and then took one of the taxi shuttles to my beach setting. As I started getting closer to the beach the driver was honking his horn for dear life. I thought it was to announce my arrival , but I found out later it was to tell the staff to hurry up and finish decorating. My husband and best man found it very funny. Goes to show you that there’s real time, and then Cuban time. The ceremony was perfect, the flowers amazing. We shared our goodies and champagne with people on the beach, took amazing pictures, stood in the ocean in my wedding gown. How could it be so wrong. It wasn’t. Not one bit.

Restaurants and Bars:
The restaurants and Bars were perfect. Food was always good, and the bar, could you ever go wrong with drinks? Never, we did learn as we are resort virgins to bring your own sippy cup. They are bigger and you don’t need as many refills as often, plus you get more alcohol in it. The disco was awesome, loved every minute of it.

It was fairly windy the week we were there, so we didn’t hang out on the beach at all, except for the wedding of course.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: We did the catamaran and dolphin lunch excursion, if you have the 103 pesos, do it. OH MY GOODNESS!!! it was the best thing I have ever done. It was a rainy day, so we were a bit worried, but the captain of the catamaran made us feel at ease, and kept the beer coming. It was the greatest day besides my wedding of course. Plus to swim with a dolphin was one of my husbands to do things on his list, it was incredible.

My husband and the best man went into Holguin, and did a tour there, but they realized that the "children"/"beggars" were probably working with the tour company because they seemed to be everywhere the bus went, but they did enjoy themselves. They did tip a guy to keep everyone away from them, and that helped the situation.

Other Comments:
There are a lot of stairs, I think we counted 185 going from the pool bar up to Don Bartolo’s washroom. I found on the last day that my room was closer, lol. I loved every second of this trip and wouldn’t have changed anything.

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