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I would definitely recommend the Sirenis resort. We found the facility and grounds immaculate, staff always willing to help in any way, pools excellent and everything was spacious. I have read other reviews where guests have scurried down at 7 a.m. to reserve lounge chairs but this was never the case; there seemed plenty available in shade or in sun, or on the beach if that was your preference. We loved the beach area and walked for a long way. About a half-mile away we saw the Dreams Resort and their beach paled in comparison with the size of ours, and the abundance of coconut palms which made our beach less windy and much more attractive. There are two buffets which are always so well laid out and much variety each day and the staff are at your beck and call. The fresh juices in the morning are to die for! There are at least 6 a-la-cartes to choose from – the Japanese was spectacular. Entertainment was good. Frig stocked everyday with fresh bottles of water, pop, and beer. We were very fortunate to have a view of the ocean from our balcony but only a few of the buildings are in this location, but the grounds are so well kept and attractive, the "garden view" isn’t bad! The weather was gorgeous and the excursions are great- enough choice for all ages. We booked with Transat and the airline was exceptional.

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We were a bit disappointed to not have the welcome promised with cocktail and a rep to provide information upon arrival. Perhaps because we arrived in late afternoon, we did not have the meeting with our rep until 10 a.m. the following morning. As a result we were felt lost being as this was our first visit to the D. R. and our first all-inclusive vacation – didn’t know what we were able to take advantage of, etc. The buffets don’t open for evening dinner until 7 p.m. so we were famished having to wait – we had been up since 3:30 a.m. and had a long day travelling, and the drive from the airport was a harrowing hour-long experience, so a bit of a welcome when we arrived would have been oh, so appreciated. We saw many other arrivals throughout the week receive the complementary cocktail, and felt saddened that we missed the anticipated hoopla we’ve read about.

We requested a room that was not first-level, and we were assigned to a ground level floor. It was more than adequate; however I didn’t feel comfortable opening either a window or the patio doors for the night, and have problems breathing without the advantage of fresh air. When we mentioned this to our rep, Sarah, the following morning at our introduction meeting, she immediately arranged for us to be moved to another block where we had a second-floor suite, and were able to leave the patio doors open all night with the ocean breezes flowing in. I will always be grateful for everyone that made this move possible – it totally made our trip!

Restaurants and Bars: The food in the buffets was plentiful and adequate – some things we just avoided, like the breads and waffles that were sitting out and obviously wouldn’t be fresh as a waffle-bar where they are made in front of you. There was an omelette chef every morning, however, who made your eggs or omelettes to perfection just as you ordered. The fresh juices were unbelievably delicious. Coffee is a delight. We tried 4 a-la-cartes: Mexican – just so-so. Food nothing spectacular – the best was the make-it-yourself fajitas. Mediterranean – a total disappointment. The waiters made mistakes on our appetizers – had to be exchanged twice so we got 4 different appetizers come and go. Husband’s entree was stuffed chicken and he received some dish with cut-up chicken, so that had to be replaced with what he ordered. My entree was skewered shrimp and seafood, and if I had closed my eyes I could not have guessed it was shrimp – tasteless. Desserts were forgettable. Steakhouse – we ordered filet mignon and received 2 small-sized steaks instead. We decided to keep our meals and the steaks were delicious. The appetizer bar was very good. Dessert was same as buffet served so not spectacular but fresh fruit was all we needed anyway. Japanese – a culinary and entertaining delight! The chefs go above and beyond to provide a humorous and enjoyable experience and the food was absolutely delicious and abundant. We ordered tempura (deep-fried ice-cream) for dessert and it was awesome. Our best evening was here.

Very well kept – no complaints whatever.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We took two excursions; the zip-line and the Bararo Runners. We would highly recommend both; however if we had to choose just one we would say do the Bavaro Runners – its an experience every tourist should have to really get a taste of the country outside a pampered resort. We were picked up at 9 a.m. and taken through the countryside up to the mountain where the zip-line excursion is situated. We visited a school and "typical" Dominican home, sugarcane plantation, learned about coffee & cocoa making, with taste tests of all these and more – we had a fabulous lunch served to us with beer and/or pop, we went horseback riding, saw orchids, pineapples, almond trees, avocado trees, mango trees, cacoa trees, many sugarcanes, much more. The day ends with a visit to beautiful Macao beach for some swimming or boogie boarding in the ocean, or just relaxing on the beach. We returned at 5:00 with the feeling we had learned much more about the country we were visiting. A must-do! The zip-line excursion was fabulous and easy for anyone to do but is a bit more physical.

Other Comments:
One thing we learned after we were at our resort was that we were not, in fact, at the Caribbean. The ocean we were in was the Atlantic, yet many of the resorts state you are on a Caribbean vacation. While this was a disappointment, the water was not. It was a beautiful jade color and warm as one could wish for. But if we return to the Dominican I will definitely look at booking somewhere on the Caribbean side where the sand is reportedly "dazzling white". It is NOT white at the Serenis. but no complaints about the fine and clean sand we were on.

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