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I am a frequent vacationer to Cuba, and I have stayed at other resorts, but for me Sol Cayo Largo holds a very special place in my heart and this is why my family and I keep going back. This resort was one of the firsts to open in Cayo Largo more than 15 years ago. Unlike other resorts, Sol Cayo Largo is very well maintained and investments continue to be made in renovations and/or add-ons, either at the main lobby, in the bungalows, or on the grounds. Every time we go back, there seems to be something new or different. This, to me, is indicative of a hotel that plans to stay around for many years and judging from its high occupancy rates, they seem to be doing the right things. The real reason, however, that Sol Cayo largo is so special to us is their staff, and not just the staff of one particular department, every team, from management, food services, entertainment, sales and customer service, housekeeping, to maintenance, have at heart the satisfaction of their patrons. There is an absolute genuineness and a sincere kindness that comes from deep within them. You just cannot fake this day in and day out. To all the Sol Cayo Largo staff, thank you for making your home our home away from home.

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