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My wife and I and two friends stayed for two weeks at the Sol Cayo Largo Resort on the little Cuban island Cayo Largo Del Sur. We had two fabulous weeks there with only one negative comment. One evening the wind died completely and millions of hungry mosquitoes came out! I only got a couple of bites as I had applied repellant with deet but other guests were getting many bites. The negative comment is that at about 7:00 pm the resort send out some men with foggers spewing out smelly smoke which wafted into the dining room while we were eating dinner! It was nauseating for a few minutes and many diners got up and left as the smoke filled the restaurant. It was poor timing for the resort to do this! They could have done it before the restaurants opened for dinner or just avoided the areas where the dining was!
Otherwise our group highly enjoyed our vacation in all aspects!

Room Number:

Room Block:

The entire travel portion from home to check in and check out back to home went smooth as clock work with no glitches at all!

Our rooms were very comfortable, well taken care of and met all our expectations as we paid a bit extra to book the "Superior" accommodations. We had an upper level room with a great balcony facing the beach and ocean!

Restaurants and Bars:
All of the restaurants and bars were very clean, well operated, convenient and enjoyable! All staff members were very friendly, helpful and great people to meet!

All were clean, well maintained and pleasant to visit!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
There was plenty enough for anyone to either keep busy or lounge and relax! Our group are all scuba divers and we thoroughly enjoyed five full days of diving with the Cayo Largo Divers.

Other Comments:
We recommend this destination highly! This was our second time here (2007 and 2012) and definitely not our last!

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