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20 dollars a kg Here is information driectly off of Sunwings site.Excess Baggage Fees When traveling on Sunwing, the size and number of bags you may check is limited by the free baggage allowance If your baggage exceeds this free allowance, you will be charged an excess baggage fee as follows: Category Travel July 26, 2008 forward Excess Baggage Rate Type of Flight Amount per kilo CAD USD CUC* Domestic Flights within Canada $20 $20 – Flights Between Canada and USA $20 $20 – International Flights $20 $20 $20 Sports Equipment (Bicycles, Golf, Scuba, Skis) $100 per item (per round trip) Oversized Sports Equipment (Kayaks, Windsurfers, Surfboards) $200 per item (per round trip) Musical Instruments $100 per item (per round trip) Please note that local currencies may be accepted at posted exchange rates at some airports. * Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) – Cash only; no other forms of currency acceptable due to Cuban requirements.

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