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We flew AirTransat, and wow, have things changed for the better with this airline. Good food, and more leg room. Thank you AirTransat! After departing at 6:15am, we were given a Quizno breakfast sandwich, very delicious! We sat in 27A and B. My husband is over 6 feet, and he had lots of extra room for his legs, and the washroom is closeby.


I loved this resort, and would return in a minute, although we try to visit new places every year.


I purchased a pair of blue larimar drop earrings in US cash, 14 k gold, (for cash, they will deal) but be smart about what you buy. One man bought a $70.00 ³Rolex², that fell apart the next day. A few times a week, they hold a ³craft² fair in the Piano Bar area. Don¹t forget to haggle!


Because we were renewing our vows, we were upgraded by the wonderful Ramone, to ocean view ground floor by the Beach Bar. Bring some CDs for the CD player. Wakeup calls were made to us, no problem, but bring a battery alarm clock, just in case. If there is a clock in your room, the electricity goes off sometimes, so it¹s unreliable. One time there was no water, so we called the front desk, and they fixed it promptly. Most of the time, the water was warm or hot, rarely cold. We are so spoiled in Canada!


For me, the beach was the best part, rolling waves, and wide open Atlantic Ocean in front of us. The main beach was too crowded, so we relocated to a palapa in front of the Villas by the sea wall. Nice and quiet place for reading, with an amazing view. The beach staff helps you get your lounge chairs set up on the beach, which is nice. Last year in El Salvador at the Decameron, our packsack and towels were stolen from our beach chairs; our rep had not told us the Columbians came in for 2 or 3 day visits. So I was careful not to leave valuables on the beach chairs, but did not hear of any problems at this resort.


There was one little glitch the first weekend we were there, but thanks to Debbies Trip reports, we knew about it, and reserved a la cartes for Saturday and Sunday. The hotel offered 2 for 1 to the Dominicans, and they were there in droves. We heard 500!!!! You could not get near the beach bar for food, and some Canadians had to wait for 2 hours to eat at Jimmy buffet.

The Dominicans can not eat in the a la cartes, so we had wonderful meals, and were not crowded. This was an isolated incident, and the next weekend was fine, with just a few locals, but the hotel does offers 2 or 3 etc day stays to Dominicans, so the locals are always coming and going.

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