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It was I guess 6 years ago now but I didn’t need a passport traveling to the Dominican was just curious as to whether that has changed being a Canadian? Is there anywhere (meaning somewhere warm) that a passport is still not mandatory for a Canadian to enter a foreign country?
I know it would be easier to just go and get/apply for the darn thing but just haven’t gotten around to it so my procrastination may cause severe shivering this winter.
I found this on the Canadian ‘Voyage’ website, but I believe it was posted in 2007:

It is strongly recommended that all Canadians be in possession of a valid Canadian passport while abroad. However, for direct air travel to the Dominican Republic, Canadian tourists are only required to be in possession of valid official photo identification (such as a driver’s licence) and proof of citizenship (such as a birth certificate). Canadian tourists must also be in possession of a return airline ticket.

Canadians entering the Dominican Republic for tourist purposes must purchase a tourist card, at a cost of $10 US, which is valid for 30 days. Those wishing to stay for a longer period must pay a surcharge at the airport upon departure or request an extension by visiting the Department of Immigration in Santo Domingo. Those wishing to work in the Dominican Republic must apply for a business visa. More information can be obtained by contacting the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Ottawa.

Although recommended, a passport is still not required for Canadians travelling to the Dominican Republic, photo ID and birth certificate is sufficient, as long as you are not flying from or via the United States. The required $10 tourist visa and $20 departure tax is included in package prices from Canada, unless you are booked with Sunwing, in which case you have to purchase the tourist visa upon arrival in the Dominican Republic and pay the $20 departure tax when you leave.


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