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Trinidad and Tobago is a two-island nation of vivid contrasts. Cosmopolitan Trinidad is a lively tropical island of ethnic and cultural diversity. Tobago is smaller and more laid-back, offering vacationers a traditional Caribbean setting of lovely beaches and lush green surroundings.


These islands boast a range of flora and fauna unmatched by other islands in the region. They are home to 430 different species of birds, 620 species of butterflies, and 2,300 species of flowering plants and shrubs. There are 100 different mammals and 70 species of reptiles, including the giant leatherback turtle, which can be spotted on the leeward beaches of Tobago and northern and eastern beaches of Trinidad during the nesting season. Trinidad is famous for its Carnival – calypso music, dazzling costumes, and the musical beat of steel-drum bands comes to mind. Port of Spain is the capital – brick, colonial-style houses line the streets, while skyscrapers tower above. You’ll find markets, bazaars, boutiques and cinemas along with Gothic cathedrals, Muslim mosques, and Hindu temples. Tobago, with its splendid beaches, clear waters and miles of golden sand, is a wonderful destination for sunbathers and sports lovers. Tobago also boasts a lively cultural scene, and outstanding restaurants. Don’t miss the local specialty, curried crab and dumplings.

Trinidad and Tobago will bring any vacation plenty of variety.

New Years Day (1 Jan); Good Friday; Easter Monday; Christmas Day (25 Dec); Boxing Day (26 Dec). Trinidad’s Carnival is the king of all Caribbean Carnivals and many Trinidadians prepare for it with obsessive devotion. From New Year’s Day onwards, activities start swinging into full gear, culminating on Carnival Monday, two days before Ash Wednesday, which usually falls sometime in February or March. The Pan Jazz Festival, held in November, brings together pan drummers and jazz musicians for three days of concerts in Trinidad. There are also numerous East Indian festivals that are based on the lunar calendar; the biggest is Divali, which usually falls in November.

Trinidad and Tobago Visas

Citizens of the USA, Canada, and most European Commonwealth countries do not require visas. Visas are required by citizens of some countries, including Australia, New Zealand, India and Sri Lanka. In most countries, visas are obtained through the British Embassy.

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