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Basically when it comes to this hotel, it is average and you get what you pay for, nothing more nothing less. There is nothing fancy about this hotel in case you are looking for something fancy and luxurious, this is not the place for you but it’s a decent place to crash for a few days once you are town especially for business, I was here on a business trip so it wasn’t much of a bother to me. The hotel has a nice location right on the beach so nothing can beat that, taking a swim whenever you want without having to work for miles is a good and added bonus. The beach is clean making you want to sit there and relax all day long. The hotel has a very friendly staff that makes your stay even more welcoming. Some of the upgraded rooms at the hotel have ocean views so basically back to what I said of you get what you pay for because that’s the only time you will get a room that has a balcony and an ocean view so you have to pay more for that. The beds in the rooms are small, they didn’t feel comfortable at all and the bathrooms also felt small like summer camp bathrooms but like I said, it isn’t fancy. I think I will come back here again but will probably bring some things with me when I visit again such as a nice comfortable pillow.

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