U.S – Cuba thaw means holiday is over for Canadian tourists | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

I really hope it takes longer than a shorter period of time…for my own selfish reasons.

However, political landscapes can change and if the Republican’s win the election next year in the US, most of the candidates seem like they are not as open as Obama and would stop or at least slow down the normalization of ties to Cuba.

Nothing happens in Cuba fast so I wouldn’t worry too much, just enjoys it while it’s like it is and know in your mind that the changes will probably be good for most Cubans. Nothing ever stays the same except the memories

Cuba has not changed too drasticly for anyone else why would the Americans be different.Cuba es Cuba that is why we love her.While many will open their arms to the Americans others perhaps will not want them back.Cuban culture is very complex and I do not see that changing anytime soon.

The biggest issue I see is the supply chain and capacity of the resorts being strained to the limit.

Supply Chain management has been a joke for years and I’d expect there are families in Miami who have already bid on taking it over. Perhaps have even quietly been awarded the contracts. The contracts are worth millions and the spiff would pay for many party leader’s retirement in Arizona.For Canadians traveling to Cuba wondering what the food supply will look like in a couple of years, smart Cuban/Americans will slide the supply and quality gradually towards Florida/South US standards. A "rice’n beans with pork" will be listed on the menu as authentic but will be more American friendly and less Cuban. Imagine a Lobster Roll in PEI and compare that with McDonalds McLobster sandwich. ‘Nuff said.Sure, the first wave of "Holiday" travellers from the US will be grossed out by the resort quality and those reviews will last 6 months until the new and smarter class find the authentic Cuba.IMHO

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