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I thought I paid for a renovated Room. I requested a King Size Bed, received two double beds (for my husband and I). Room Air Conditioner did not work. Fan did, thank god. Fridge didn’t work properly. I wanted a top floor so they gave me a bottom floor. My requests were completely ignored. The room was bland, all white, nothing like the pictures I saw on the Internet. I would suggest they add a bit of color, even a mirror would be nice. Not a picture on the walls, I felt like I was living in a hospital room for my stay. But it was clean! The Bathroom tiles were broken, no way renovated room. I was only given one room key, told to follow my husband around therefore only need one key. Are they crazy?

When I finally got two room keys, they changed my room. The keys did not work when I went to my room. A nice gentleman who had our luggage took care of that.

Room Block:

Arrived, was checked in quickly but only given one room key. In order to get two, had to change rooms. How ridiculous is that? I cruise all the time, you get one key per person!!

Rooms: It’s clean but very boring. Bland, no pictures on walls, no mirror except in bathroom. Need a full length mirror in every room. Our room was not renovated but I paid for a renovated room. Someone lied to me. My shelves to keep clothes on consisted of rudementary pieces of wood. I’m a camper so I sucked it up. Air Conditioning did not work, I was sweating in my room all the time. The fan worked but only one speed so we often woke up freezing. Turn the fan off, you sweat? The beds were clean, but as hard as sleeping on a large rock. The pillows were fine. All in all, room very clean thanks to our maid. We tipped her well. She left me nice flowers.

Our friends booked a Oceanview in 4th floor, I really regret not doing that. I did not complain just sucked it up.

Restaurants and Bars: The a La Cartes -only two. Bars, no brand liquor, that’s $6.00 a shot. I couldn’t get one of the bartenders to even smile at me, they ignored me (I’m 52) until I gave them tips. Then they started smiling? That’s rude. They should serve Beer in Larger Cups (Solo Cups). They serve it in small glasses like you would serve a Vodka and Orange. I hardely drank the whole trip.

White Wine was good in A La Cartes

Beach is beautiful – I loved it. They should have bartenders out and about on the beach and the pool to get you drinks. They would make way more tips. I had to keep getting up and walking to bar.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Not much going on. A show at night. Hardley any music? Why not have a Piano Bar in the lobbey playing for a couple of hours in the evening? Where’s some music at the beach? I hardley saw people partying? You certainly don’t get much in the form of liquor. Small little glasses for beer? are they kidding? They should be serving it in Solo Cups at least.

I saw them playing Volleyball every day and they do have an activities board if you don’t like to be bored. I stay on beach.

Other Comments: Had to pay for my safe. Was not impressed! Then I heard terrible stories about money and phones going missing? Lots of money. Don’t bring money! Bring $1.00 bills (US) for tipping. Bring yr Visa. Don’t lay money around and or any valuables. I know of someone that stayed in a resort on Bavara Beach last year. The maid stole $700.00 and their phone. They actually tracked the phone to the Maid’s residence! But nothing was done. She came back this year to try and find the Maid! These people should be fired. How dare we come all the way from NS to spend our hard earned money and be treated less than we should be. Are there not laws down there? You can steal and when investigated, it’s our word against theirs? That’s a tough one but I would think if they have a crime ring going and nothing can be done, you could make a few dollars. I also heard a storey of the maid that watched by mirror someone opening their safe. They got $500.00 after they left the room? How does this happen? This was in another resort not the Vik. But at the Vik, money appears to be going missing plus phones when you read the Trip Advisor Reviews.

I’ve been on 5 cruises. Nothing has even happened to me, nothing stolen, you set your password for the safe, only you know it. No key

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