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Arrival: Feb. 23 – March 9 We stayed at the VIK Arena Blanca from Feb. 23rd to March 9th. As usual, I left with a degree of trepidation based on reviews I had read, only to discover, again, that so many negative reviews are written by people who live to complain or are fixated on one aspect of a resort that they feel did not live up to their expectations. Firstly, the VIK is a good resort, not particularly elegant or great but good! The rooms are basic, but they’re more than adequate and kept very clean. If you have a concern or a problem, it’s attended to quickly. We had, as an example, condensation that was building up around the A.C. unit which created a slow drip of water from the ceiling on to the floor. We reported it. It was repaired the same day, and we received a letter from management apologizing for our inconvenience. Yet, it was no inconvenience at all. Anyway, the rooms are okay. They’re comfortable, there’s a balcony, and plentiful hot water in the shower. We stayed in building 5 (#4 has been renovated if you’re interested), and from our balcony we had a wonderful view of both the pool and the ocean, even though we did not face directly on the ocean.

Some reviewers complained about the food. I’m not a particularly fussy eater, but I do have certain standards and preferences. Bottom line – the food is very good. It’s a smaller buffet than some, but the quality was consistently good if albeit a little salty for my tastes. There was everything from lamb to calamari, from chicken to roast beef and steak as well as fresh salad vegetables, cooked veggies; really too much to list. If nothing else appeals to you there was the pasta station and the oriental station; both were very good. The breads and pastries were world class and the ice-cream was excellent. Breakfasts were a treat. Enrique, the egg guy, is an artist. There again, for breakfast, there was so much to choose from. The coffee was excellent and the juices were very good, and there was always a wide choice of fresh fruits. I ate lunch at the Buccanero restaurant which is next to the pool. Excellent pizza, grilled chicken and ribs, burgers and dogs could be had there. As well there was a small buffet. Again, bottom line, the food was good to very good.

Presidente is the house beer; it was always cold and tasty. There are several bars. I mostly depended on the beach bar and the bar at the Buccanero during the day. Truthfully, the VIK does not, at first glance, serve quality imported or Dominican products. Most of the booze is pedestrian going by the name "Classico". However, do not allow that to deter you in your pursuit of quality spirits. It doesn’t take much to gain the understanding of a sympathetic bartender. Before you know it the "Ron Special" miraculously appears. Just ask, and tip the tender a few dollars and you’ll be very well taken of. I’d name the bartenders, but I don’t want to possibly cause a problem. Regardless, they’re all sympathetic The beach is Bavaro Beach – enough said. The pool is large refreshing and clean! There are many loungers available at both. However, if you’re a shade freak, get up early and go place your towels on the loungers you want. The clientele is varied – majority Canadians and Europeans of many nationalities. The nightly entertainment is typical A.I. – kids show, audience humiliation, and then the show. For the most part, they were actually quiet entertaining. The "Circus Show," preformed by students from a circus school, and the perennial "Michael Jackson" show were actually really good. After the show, one can go to the Disco or the Tower Casino if one is in the mood. If I have one significant complaint, it relates to the, at first unending, sales pitches for time shares. The Cayena section is particularly designed as a time share facility even though one can book a room there at any time without membership. Anyways, at first you’re pursued by their scouts whose job it is to convince someone, anyone, preferably a couple to visit the facility. The scout’s role ends here. From this point, sales people try to convince you to, on that day, commit to an expenditure of thousands of dollars seriously. Anyways,my scout wore me down. Thus, on the one overcast day we had, I went to meet the sales staff. Needless to say, I didn’t buy. And not to knock just the VIK, the scouts are all over the beach trying to steer unsuspecting tourists into their resorts. This did not happen when we were there four years ago. Bottom line a pain in the butt! To conclude, we had a very enjoyable time. It was certainly value for the dollar by P.C. prices. Admittedly, I was fortunate enough to have this trip paid for by itravel2000’s Let it Snow Promotion. Would I go back? Yes! Will I? I don’t know. Much depends on my bank balance and what else might be available. But, I would return!


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