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Villa Pinares de Mayarí  

Loma de La Mensura, Pinares de Mayarí, Holguín, CUBA

"amazing staff"
Posted by: monti on Jun 5, 2014
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You have to want a different Cuban vacation to come here. There is no beach. You are in the central Cuban highlands in an area of plantations where coffee grows under the pine trees. The road from the airport in any direction is rough but easiest to approach from the town of Mella north of Santiago. The resort is like something out of Algonquin Park in Ontario! The cabins are constructed pioneer sytle from pine logs. In winter months the air can be cool at night and the small swimming pool might be better for ducks in those months. Nearby you can find an orchid research station, a beautiful waterfall with a soaker pool at the top with a magnificent view of the Bay of Nipe and an agricultural research station with cocao, coffee and black pepper growing. This area is great for birders as the forests attract many species uncommon along the coast. We were joined during our stay by a Swiss couple who were, like us, motoring around off-beat Cuba. Other than that there was only a busload of Europeans who settled in for a sleep and then left. Food was adequate, the bartender is your nightly entertainment (get a dance lesson!). Some acoustic musicians show up – tip well, they’ve come a long way! We paid about 30 CUC/ night breakfast included. Meals are quite cheap. Ideal for those that prefer travel to tourism.

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We rented a car and travelled through East Cuba. A bit bumpy track, but on your way from Holguin to Santiago de Cuba, it is worthwhile to go through the mountains, visit the waterfall and (30 – 45 minutes further) stay overnight at the villa Pinares de Mayari in a log-cabin for a mild price. You can even book it through internet. When we were there, there were not so much people, but the personnel is extremely nice, the cook is good and it is quiet. If you stay a day longer you can swim in the pool or in the lake, climb the mountain in 2 x 1 hour and visit the botanical garden (an interesting walk with a guide; tickets at the hotel). But then it is time to leave the quietness and travel on for the music in Santiago de Cuba.

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I and my wife to be visited this place as we needed time alone from our busy schedules, it was a great time we had here and hope to come back again. The location is a little bit out of our taste and getting there was difficult as the road was not to pliable. The spot is great and I think romantic as we had a great time here. The environment, the atmosphere, good air and nice climate without mosquitoes was a good deal. The price is quite reasonable for the services and the staff made staying here worthwhile. They would engage us in conversations and we would talk for some time and they were all smiles throughout our stay here in May 2014 and we stayed for 6 days before going on our way. It is a relaxing spot for both couples and family going out on vacation and I highly recommend it. Their restaurants offer varieties and you will love most of them, at least I am very picky when it comes to things I eat but they really surprised me. At dinner time, you will find a very nice and talented Cuban band playing which I later noticed that most of the staff was part of the band, that’s pretty amazing. I never wanted to visit here at the beginning but I decided to go give it a try and see what comes out of it and I went along with my fiancée. The rooms were great, clean and tidy and the staff was amazing.

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