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Visit to Santo Domingo City

Interesting but a LONG day!!
Posted by: Peggy on Oct 13, 2011
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While we enjoyed the historical aspect of this day trip, from Punta Cana it was a very long day and the time frame was misrepresented by Apple Vacations. The travel was difficult and someone threw up on the bus due to the rough ride. Also, I felt "set up" on where we were taken to shop in the city. Therefore, we didn’t buy anything. As a teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed the history of the city.

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awesome experience, after seven consecutive years of travel to the dr we finally made the trip to santo domingo. we left the majestic colonial and then had a full day of travel by comfortable bus, got to see alot of the culture along the route, santo domingo is a very big metropolis, walked through the old town, cathedral, etc and then shopped in the hundreds of shops in the new downtown. we have done many excursions in the dr over the past years and this was one of the best. we took toys for the children and you ought to have seen their faces when they received them. if you get a chance to take this trip , consider it a MUST! you have to do it on the big pink barbie bus, (roller coaster) hahaha to have the total experience. driver was wonderful

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