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Public Service Announcment!! Please save ur hard earned $$ and do not go to this resort. It appears there has been a change in management and everything has fell off. The lobbby area chair covers are falling apart. The staff was not friendly and appeared o be annoyed by our arrival. I went down to tthe lobby 2 days during our stay to see how staff responded to other guest that arrived:it wasn’t just us. The room we got(3106)was terrible: toilet, shower, ac didn’t work. It wasn’t even clean. 2nd one not clean either. Roaches and other insects found in room. Food was poor and made several guest including myself sick. Entertainment was poor. Everything had a fee, nothing was inclusive. Surrounding area also ran down. Please value ur $.

I was floored by the unkept appearance of the front lobby. The chair covers were white. So, it made it very easy to see all the filth. The covers were torn up and falling off the chairs.The front check in staff was very unpleasant (as indicated above it was not just us..they were unfriendly to all the guest that came in, if they distrubed them from doing something).It took the staff (3 people) 25 minutes to use their computer system to locate our reservation. Even though we called 4 hours ahead of time bc we drove from Santo Domingo and they found it before.

Rooms: We had room 3106 1st: the room had a funny mold dew odor (we found it later on the ceiling and around the ac vent). The tub level to spot the water from being retained won’t release so the tub kept filling up when we took our showers. The resort charged a fee for the lock box (not mention before). The arrival tray of fruits were spoiled. The toilet continued to run after each flush (u had to play with the level inside the top of the toilet to get it to stop). The ac unit didn’t work and caused a lot of dew to settle on our clothes and other belongings.

2nd room: 4210: floor and tub was filth. Bathroom ceiling in need of repairs. Roaches and other insects found inside bathroom several times during the week.

Restaurants and Bars: The buffet was full of low quality foods. Mystery meats and sauces. Several quest including myself were made sick from the buffet foods. Ibiza Beach a la carta: average but a lot better than the buffet. We had to spend additional $ daily to eat outside the resort to avoid gettng sick again..hint,hint!

Observed the staff and their friends eating at all the restaurants and bars. I don’t drink but I was informed that they keep all the name brand (Brugal,etc) out of view so they can give it to their co-workers. I did see this twice after I was told the above and the co-workers were still!

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Patio furniture was not kept clean. Locals constantly allowed to harrass you to purchase cheap items as you attempt to relax at the beach! Everyone has an angle. Even the resort staff attempts to do side job hustles while your out by the beach because they cannot be heard by their co-workers as easy.

The pool deck was constantly filled with used plastic cups and papers (napkins and straw wrapers).

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: The nightly entertainment consist of terrible amatuer shows. A lot of the staff is out of shape and cannot keep up (in synch). The DJ(s) cannot do their jobs at the disco everyone just stands around because the musc is out dated and not in synch with the crowd. The gym is keep at about 80 degrees and u feel like ur in a sauna! The equipment is out dated and falling apart.

The tour of the area is terrible because there really isn’t anything to see except the island as you ride to the top of the mountain on the cable car. The Brugal factory tour is not a tour at all. You cannot go inside..just another way to get a tip to tell u things u can get from a quick internt search. Not worth spending the $ on.

Other Comments:
This resort is for the local people in that part of the island. It is falling apart and it appears that the owners are just trying to get the last bit of $$ they can before it goes into foreclosure like sooo many of the others in that part of the island.

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