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The location of this hotel couldn’t be any better especially considering the fact that it is located just 19 miles from the Punta Cana airport which means easy transportation and less money to pay due to the short distance. During my stay here, I gathered that they had about 337 spacious rooms which include about 56 condominium hotel suites and about 20 luxe jungle bungalows. It has lots of facilities such as sauna, steam and a really big foot spa area. I really enjoyed my stay and wouldn’t complain about the price but if you are on a budget, this isn’t for you because it is basically a 4 star luxury hotel. They have a 24 hour dining room and ten restaurants and bar. During my stay here, I stayed in the Luxury beachfront residence and it had all the basic amenities and a couple of other interesting elements that made my stay a very comfortable one until I left. I took part in some of the activities carried out here as I made friends easily here, I played volleyball with some friends at the beach and it was fun for men. The staff is very helpful and professional; they tend to almost every of your need with smiles on their faces. The meals here are quite tasty and on time, I would definitely come back here again. It is an awesome hotel services and facilities, great and nice staff with a perfect location especially for tourists. There was internet service for me and the place is family friendly, I would probably visit with my family when next I come here. I can’t really remember how much I paid but the price range was about $125 to $200.

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