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I was thinking of going to the resort my daughter is getting married ahead of time to kind of get the feel for it. She is getting married next Feb. and I was thinking of going in August or Sept. of this year. It’s a Sunwing Memories resort in Cayo Coco but I don’t seem to be able to find any trips there this summer. Do they close down or offer the trip to vacationers from other countries. I can’t imagine with the investment in infrastructure and people they would close for long

Not sure what exact dates you are looking at, but they are both open in the dates I looked at both in Aug and Sept of this year anyways out of Toronto.I was under the impression most resorts stayed open year round. During slow times work got done, or services were cut back, but not usually shut down.

Can’t imagine a Sunwing labeled resort would shut down at any point

I like to use Tripcentral for searching prices and was able to find dates for the two Memories resorts on Cayo Coco through Aug/Sept.

I was searching Toronto.

I don’t see departures from Ottawa either, not until November, but there are flights from Montreal in Aug/Sept/Oct.

During summer time (depending where you go in Cuba) you will be seeing many tourists from Europe. Germany, Italy, England and tourists from other European countries love to come and vacation during summer time. As well people from South America such as Argentina etc. So depending on the hotels buy they have no problems having their rooms filled up with tourists who want nice hot weather and escape to paradise.

Flights from Ottawa normally stop mid-April and begin again at the end of November. You’ll need to go to Mtl to get the closest flight.

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