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We have booked our winter getaway for Aruba for two weeks in January, 2008.Meals and drinks are not included, but we will have a kitchen and a rental car.Most of the meals will be self prepared.Is there anything we should bring from home (Canada) that is not readily available in Aruba? I’m thinking of peanut butter, sunscreen lotion etc.How do the prices for groceries and alcoholic beverages compare to the US ?We appreciate any advice; thank you.Egon.
We were there a few years ago and even the Americans were complaining about the prices…. Eating out was expensive but we did splurge once in awhile as we were there for 2 weeks.We were at La Cabana not AI… we found the groceries were not too bad and the beef was excellent! We had a full kitchen and La Cabana had several BBQs located throughout the property so, it was fine.I would definitely bring the peanut butter and sunscreen… maybe Pringles and any other munchies you might crave. Being an island, everything is imported and therefore, costs more than at home.

The price of alcohol was not bad.

That is a valid concern. If you like any particular crisps and other sweets then I would take those along. If you have any specific foods that you absolutely have to have, then those are a good idea as well.

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