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Great pictures Wossa. That was one wild dive. It was quite hard to see in there and even harder getting out of some of the areas we got ourselves into.I still remember my tank getting hung up inside of the port hole and it taking me a couple of tries to try to ‘bottom out’ to get through the small area.It was quite the underwater adventure and once again the wreck dive should not be missed if you are a diver qualified to dive it.Freedom Ryder 8-)……………
Excellent shots. The moray ones are especially good.

Thanks Mireille

Hola MiaIt was pretty incredible to dive the wreck and find a Moray looking up at you. I took as few pictures of it and tried to get away ASAP as it looked like we were invading his territory, lol.

Between Wossa and I we managed to take a few good up close photos of it. I loved the big blue eyes starring back at us.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………….

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