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Looking for a quick dip in Cayo Coco area before our Hawaii trip end of Feb. STOP.Got 2 questions. STOP.Too lazy to research old posts on the subject. STOP.So shoot me, slowly. STOP. ????1. What’s the currency situation these days? Have not been since last December. Still CUCs?2. What’s YOUR favorite Cayo Coco resort, aside from the Melia C Guillermo, my personal fave? Have not been to C Coco per se.

Gracias! ????

Nothing has changed for the moment with currency. Who knows what the future holds though.With the Canadian Dollar in the toilet against the US Dollar the exchange is brutal. Today $100 CAD = 74.01 CUC…. and that’s the absolute best rate available, right at the bank…. Ouch….Cheers,


I just got back and the exchange is brutal….but then again it goes with the USD, so that hasn’t changed. Just the value of our crappy dollar has.

As for fav resorts, been to the area twice. Tryp was very nice and a bit bigger and active, Memories(when I was there it was Blue Bay) was much smaller and quieter and laid back if your looking for that.

The only resort I have been to in Cayo Coco is the memories flamenco. I was absolutely satisfied with it.I don’t go to Cuba for the food, but it was by far the best food I ever had in Cuba! The only minor issue was the rocks on the beach, but that was not as bad as some say. My 2 yo daughter and I could easily get into the water without stepping on any rocks.

I might even go back this winter.

We loved the Colonial CC…..a lovely spacious resort, with a beautiful beach, great pools (fresh and salt water) very pleasant staff, decent food, and really stunning old colonial buildings, with large, comfortable rooms. This place is NOT party central,… very quiet and peaceful, in fact. Great place !!


Just as I suspected, all different answers lol Oh well, to each his/her own.
Our number one must is long swimable beach

So we just got off the phone with Selloff: We’re officially booked for Holguín, Nov 29th, Memories Holguín Beach Resort for the wonderful steal of a deal of……………. wait for it…………… $855 all in!

Somebody pinch moi! Never paid so little for a 4.5*

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