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Has anyone had any issues with air canada lately?

Given Air Canada’s rather precarious position right now, I think I’d be inclined to travel with another airline/company. BUT are you talking about a flight on Air Canada or an Air Canada Vacations package?

I am flying with Air Canada on May 10th to Varadero and am praying there is not a problem. I talked to someone that works for AC and they said it shouldnt be a prfoblem that she had gone thru this be in 2002 as well and there was no issues so that is what I am COUNTING ON

We always fly Air Canada, Caribbean or International. I am not concerned for our ACV trip May 2 or our flight to Zurich June 3.

I really would not worry about it, though I would buy travel insurance now for whatever company I use.I generally avoid AC because of lousy service and their proclivity to lose baggage. My TA last year suggested Air Transat over AC (at similar prices), saying that Air Transat loses a smaller % of suitcases and has newer planes. That said, AC is up to most North American airline standards (which is not saying much). You will get much better service on Mexicana (and Air France, Thai, Qantas, KLM….) though – all airlines I’ve used recently – for about the same price.

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