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Hi, Given that my husband and I are looking for the best possible deal, we may go last minute so we are thinking of trying to use a company that specializes in last minute bookings. Has anyone had any experience with Sell Off Vacations? There is a location in our area.Any other suggestions???Thanks!
We used them once and everything worked fine – got a better deal than possible through our travel agent. The last time we went to Puerto Vallarta, though, our travel agent had better rates (specials) than were posted on Sell off vacations and several other discount websites I checked out. Interesting thing – for our last vacation we went to a club med in Italy, and the French club med website gave us much better prices than the Canadian one (or any Canadian travel agences had access to…).

The moral of the story – check around, but don’t neglect the regular travel agent (who, if they are competent, can also guide you towards the right hotel given your criteria and go to bat for you in case of a problem — reasons, IMHO, to pay abit more for their services).

We used selloffvacations last year and everything was fine. We have also used bookitforless with success.

I have used sell offf vacations for the last 3 years with no problems, I find it hassle free, and that match other websites prices, and even beat them somteimes. They even gave us coupons last couple of times for 50 dollars off per person for finding a lower price somewhere else. We literaly booked less than 1 week ahead last year, and everything was waiting at the airport for us!

We have used them several times from Ottawa with no problems with the trip. The TA who represents Sell offs vacations in Ottawa has a short fuse once the trip was booked (after sales questions and in my opinion) but besides that all went well. If Sell Off vacations has the best price, I would not hesitate to book with them again.

I find any travel agent will give you the same price as sell off or any other last minute place.My travel agent gave us the lowest price I could find without asking.

About 4 years ago I would have to print off price on the net to show them but now they know everyone is checking the net for pricing

I have used Selloffvacations from Ottawa.(2xs) I used one of their travel agents, who was very friendly and would use them again. Both times we booked 4 weeks in advance and glad I did as it was sold 15 minutes later. Each time, the high end rooms were not available. Always check around for the best price! Good luck!

We’ve used Sell-Off 4 of our % bookings (this year’s included).
Never any issues.

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