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Well, we knew this was coming……shows you need to pay attention to what airlines are doing in the States! It’s a pretty accurate forecast of what will soon happen here. (how long do you give it before all Canadian airlines follow suit?)
martian Guest As Irie says, it’s the tip of the iceberg and will only get worse. In today’s business world running an airline is a horribly difficult way to make a living and the glory days of flight are long over. For most passengers airline travel will be nothing more than a very expensive, glorified bus ride.

If you’re not flying business class, get used to the new reality…

I guess this will impact anyone who has to take an Air Canada connector flight to a major city before getting a direct flight to Cuba. That appears to be absolutely correct Oatey. I contacted AC Vacations since that is who we have used in the Fall out of the Maritimes and the reply was quick and direct:

"The same regulations are applicable to any connector or main flight."

It will probably only be a matter of time before airlines charge for ALL checked baggage. Some airlines in Europe are already charging a fee and not only for checked baggage, e.g. Ryanair charges a fee of 4 Euros ($6.50Cdn.) just to use the airport check-in, even if the passenger only has hand luggage. On-line check-in is free. Weight allowance is a max. of 15 kgs. for checked luggage and 10 kgs. for hand luggage. The first checked bag costs 9 Euros ($14.50 Cdn.) and subsequent bags are 18 Euros each way. Sports equipment costs 30 Euros ($49 Cdn.) each way. Excess baggage is charged at 10 euros ($15 Cdn.) for each kilo.These fees are the new reality of airline travel and with the huge increases in fuel, those airlines who were already experiencing financial problems will have no choice but to follow suit or go under.

The days of cheap flights will soon be a lovely distant memory

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