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Seems like this is not going to turn out to be a revenue generator for the airlines so I guess I’m on board with this. I’m rather surprised, to be honest. This is going to severely cut down on the ability of those collecting the fee to skim a few extra CUCs however.

You have to take into consideration the the CUC on par with the USD so I guess that and HST explain the $6.25 difference……I just booked on Friday for Cuba and couldn’t figure out why the price Transat charged was higher than the online price, this now explains it…..would rather pay it here and not line up in Cuba to pay it on departure.

I spoke with WestJet regarding the departure tax. We booked in January, departing April 27 returning May 22. Was on the phone for quite some time as the agent. Seems we are in a "gray zone" and WestJet at this point has no idea if we’ll be paying in CUC’s upon departure or CAN $ upon check in. Her advice was to make sure we had 50CUC and Canadian $. I think Bellagio is in the same "gray zone" as us, anyone know what are other airlines doing.I suspect this will all play out while we’re away. We’ll be sure to get to the airport (both ends) early in case we have a problem. I cannot imagine WestJet eating this, especially since we only paid $943 CAN (air only) for both of us return from YVR.
We booked in January, departing April 27 returning May 22. Was on the phone for quite some time as the agent. Seems we are in a "gray zone" and WestJet at this point has no idea if we’ll be paying in CUC’s upon departure or CAN $ upon check in.
From what I have read, the departure tax counters in Cuba will be closed on May 1st. So it is most likely that you will get an invoice from WestJet sometime before you leave.
CubaJack, that’s what we’re hoping too. I did have the agent put a note on our file that we will not be checking our emails while we’re gone, so if they don’t notify us before we leave there could be a problem of who / where we pay upon leaving. WS agent contacted their help desk and they didn’t know what was going to happen. If I haven’t heard from Westjet before we leave maybe, (even though we are not Westjet Vacation customers) I’ll find a rep at another hotel before we leave to find out more.
This is what we received from Transat/Nolitours todayDeparture tax of 25 CUC payable only in convertible pesos for all returns before May 1, 2015.

For returns from May 1, 2015 onwards, the tax will be paid by the airline to the Cuban authorities and will be included in the price.Clients who booked before March 1, 2015 and are returning as of May 1, 2015 must contact their travel agent or Transat to settle the amount.

Littlewhistler, since you still have more than a month before you leave, that should give WestJet plenty of time to figure out how they are doing it. I bet you (or your travel agent) will get an invoice from them before you leave.

Hello, I’m an old newbie, had an account in the past but it must have been deleted so I’ve been just reading a lot but now I have a question I booked our group trip 2 weeks ago with Sunwing…leaving April 27 returning May 4 to Memories Paraisol Azul Cayo Santa Maria.. our taxes were $315 and now they are $350 on the travel sites and I’m sure we didn’t pay the departure tax…Sunwing rep says they will absorb the tax for trips booked prior to the tax going into the taxes and fees. I have read a lot of people’s posts that say they are being invoiced for the tax by there tour operators…should I put aside the $300 for my group of 12? What are your thoughts?
Welcome back to Debbie’s luvsthesun.You would want it in writing from Sunwing that they are absorbing the Cuban exit tax for people who have already purchased packages and are returning after May 1st. If you don’t have it in writing, keep money aside in case you need to pay it at the Canadian departure airport before getting your boarding pass.

The amount that you will need might be $31.25 Cdn per person, or it might be $35.00 Cdn per person. Both amounts were given on “the other forum” as being what tour operators invoiced.

Pinacoladaddict, when do you leave for your trip…I haven’t received anything as of yet and we leave in 12 days. We paid cash so they don’t have a credit card to charge this amount to..I keep checking my emails and nothing yet.

Bellagio, I hope so too but doubt it. I will enquire when I check in at departure and make sure I take a note of it. Then if there is any problems on the return (which I anticipate if we haven’t paid before leaving) I will contact Westjet and let them know that they messed up. Last November people were angry about something, rather small in my opinion, on our flight. A few days later I was surprised to receive an email from Westjet saying that they messed up and gave us 20% off on our next flight. Well thank you very much, waited for a seat sale and used those coupons….$943. return from Vancouver for 2 people!

I’ll be watching all the forums for the next week for more information.

The collection offices at the airports closed and there were a few flights that hadn’t collected in advance.Lucky you. There were a few who fell through the cracks. Congrats littlewhistler. Hope Ken got a free ticket too.

I just booked a return flight to Cuba for August, didn’t seem to spell out the charge, but it must be included in the cost I am sure. It was not a vacation package like I have always booked in the past when going south, as I found a better deal by booking the flights with WestJet and the Hotel through Sunwing.

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