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I know that I have seen an answer to this question before, however did a search and came up with I apologize for asking again….Can someone recommend reasonable parking around Toronto Airport??Thanks a bunch.

Hi missme. For parking in Toronto, sometimes its more convenient/economical to do an overnight, depending on flight timings, either on departure or return and there are lots of hotels near Pearson in the $99 range that include your week’s parking. Also check with your travel supplier; they too offer something called "stopover" rates. For straight parking, I think SkyParx has one of the cheapest weekly rates.

We usually stay at a hotel the night before we leave and leave our car there for the week (free of charge).We have parked right at the airport in the enclosed parking and I think it was only around $89.00 last year but I do not remember the exact price.We parked there in case the airline did not have room for the bike on the flight then we could just head back to the truck and drop the bike off.

We did manage to get the bike on the airplane no problems at all. The parking was very convenient. We were off the plane, got our luggage, wheeled it into the parking area, and into the truck in no time at all and headed home.

Freedom Ryder 8-)………………

I find direct flight parking lot has the best price. It is located by the doubletree hotel.

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Used the Skyway (?) Park N Fly rather than the larger Park N Fly. Alot cheaper and the shuttle was just at convenient. A little further away from the airport, but by only about 5 minutes.

Still don’t know where we will end up parking…I hate arriving at the airport for 4 am!!
Thanks for all your help
:DSherton Gateway isn’t the cheapest but we splurged last year and we will do it again !!!! The hotel is right in the airport. We walked down a hall and we were in Terminal 3. We went down checked in and went back to the room to shower and had a coffee. Back down entered and waited maybe 40 mins before we boarded. No shuttles – No waiting! When you return the car is right there and you head home!!! We paid $189 for the Park and Fly. Best investment. Especially if you have an early flight like that!

Use sky parx, they give you valet parking for the price of regular parking. They have a coupon with direstions on Sell off (under Toronto parking). Found them way cheaper, and just as fast or faster to drop you off, and pick you up then park n fly

Well we ended up using the parking at GTAA, with the mono rail it was quick easy and really reasonable, I believe we paid $63 for the whole week. The mono rail takes you right into terminal 1 or 3, and runs every 5-7 minutes 24 hours a day. We left the car at 4am and didn’t get back to the car until after midnight so that rate is for the week and one day, cause we all know they are going to charge you for that day! Thanks again for all the suggestions.

I would say so, found it to be exactly like parking in the self park at Parkn’Fly, but cheaper and no waiting for the shuttle which is my least favourite part.

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