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In my opinion, this place needs some renovations and should be maintained more often, it needs better management and I think it will make it a better option for many tourists. I was a bit disappointed by the hotel but all in all, it was a nice and simple place to relax. It is a nice, simple and comfortable place that has a perfect location but I had some minor room issues that were not supposed to have been in place for a resort this big. Asides from the room issues, I also had elevator problems as it wasn’t working so I had to use the stairs most of the time. It’s the place to stay if you are low on cash and still want something descent to rest your head on. I think a major renovation and effective administration will go a long way here. The amazing thing about this place was that the staff was more than willing to help out but couldn’t do much in the situation. They have small employee force to attend to the problems of the guests making the front desk always busy. The restaurant was great, the restaurant staff as well was amazing and the food was also okay, nothing special. If they need more clients and guests to come here, I think the management should make haste to renovate the hotel and put broken things in order and not try to fix it when the guests are already around. The meals at the restaurant were affordable but ate out of the hotel most of my stay here, I didn’t get to stay for long and had to move to another hotel down the street.

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