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We have stayed at The Amsterdam Manor 3 times. The first time was in ’04, accommodations were great, the people that worked there were nice and fun. We liked Aruba and the Amsterdam Manor so much that we returned in ’08 for our wedding; Unfortunately our third trip with another couple would not be so nice. Upon arrival our friends were welcomed with "we have bad news". (Apparently the remodeling project had left no available rooms for guests who confirmed (and paid) for accommodations MONTHS earlier). Our friends were shipped-off to another hotel miles away for the night. This really caused a problem as we were without a car. We, on the other hand got thrown into the dreaded "C" block that has a major air conditioning and wet room problem!! I was under the impression we would receive a room upgrade because of our loyalty, but the staff was quick to tell us "no, there are no rooms available, that’s for people who stay 5 times or more". Really? That’s not true! Beware of the rooms in the "C" block. MAJOR air conditioning problems, don’t stay there! All the rooms in that block are set for sub zero. We were told the air conditioners were new and pretty much were threatened not to touch the controllers. We got stuck in "C3". It was so cold and wet in there, the ceiling rained on us and all of the counter tops were soaking wet. The sheets were wet. The bathroom had one inch of water on the floor. I thought they had hosed it down. I even dried it up when we first came into the room only to have it wet again after just a few hours. The smell of mildew was disgusting. Water consistently dripped on you if you sat on the toilet. All the towels, toilet paper etc. were soaking wet. All of our clothing got wet from the moisture, we stuck to them. I slept in a sweatshirt and a robe, 2 blankets with a comforter on, and still froze. After spending the night in that dreaded room, I pretty much demanded a change, again I was told "no, nothing available". We ended up asking to speak to the manager, and the Ops manager met us at the room. We pointed out the mold on the lamps, she said she knew about it and they were replacing them. I guess they dont know that mold can be a health issue. I believe the entire staff is aware of the problems with that room, and the entire building as well. The ops manager was there to shut us up, and moving us to another sub-zero room was her solution. We were moved to "C8", but no upgrade. Again the room was set to sub-zero, and I couldn’t get them to move us for anything. "C8" was drier than the other room but still unacceptable. By now I was sick, and had to spend the remainder of my vacation in that awful accommodation. Note: I sent a letter to the GM, who was to respond "shortly", its been almost a month. If you want to see more reviews, check out tripadvisor. I am not alone.

Room Number:
C3 & C8

Room Block:

Nov 2011

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