Asistur document – proof of medical insurance for passengers arriving on direct flights from US – thanks to Bob Michaels – Cuba – Debbie's Carribean Reviews Forums

Here are some exclusions:

“Medical, Transport, and Repatriation Expenses from Sickness or Accident:
Asistur does not cover expenses for the following accidents and situations: War, civil or military uprising, terrorism, sabotage, strikes, detentions by authority, radioactivity, sea or mountain rescue, chronic illnesses, previously existing illnesses, congenitally recurring illnesses, prosthetics (such as contact lenses, hearing aids, glasses), pregnancy, birth, abortion, pregnancy complication, mental illness, participation in an illegal activity, suicide or attempted suicide, self inflicted injuries, treatment for intentional ingestion of drugs including alcohol, and medication without a prescription, consequences of surgery that was part of treatment for an accident, consequences of a sickness of any kind, accidents from participating in contact sport, motor sport, scuba diving, caving, and mountain climbing. This last exclusion can be covered by paying the high risk activity supplement.”

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