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Forget you troubles
Hotel Emerald Palms by the Sea
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Andrew >  1 contribution(s) Canada
Mar, 2010 | Leisure | Solo
Emerald Palms Resort is just what the doctor ordered when looking for the perfect escape! It’s worth the Trip:)
Sandals Tricks Military Families Out of Discount at Last Minute- Worst Honeymoon!
Hotel Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island
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Trish Heath >  1 contribution(s) United States of America
Jan, 2010 | Leisure | With Spouse/Partner
My husband and I recently returned from our honeymoon at the Royal Bahamian Sandals Resort and I am very disappointed with the customer service. Not only did we pay a lot of money for a honeymoon ocean-view concierge room, we were on our honeymoon, a once in a lifetime event. We definitely did not get what we expected, or paid for, and my complaints to the Director of Guest Services were not addressed in a way that I had hoped.
Our room, although beautiful, was not clean or stocked with basics such as a bathmat or face towels. There was a dirty ice bucket with smelly water that was left for us. We hoped that these were minor oversights that would not continue, but unfortunately this was not the case. One of the days while we were there, our room was never cleaned at all! I requested extra face towels three different times, to three different people, and never received them. When calling the concierge or for restaurant reservations, the phones would ring and ring, and no one would answer! I have never been to a resort that prides itself on service where they simply do not answer the phones! Although we had a concierge room that was supposed to be stocked with champagne, bottled water, soda, etc, some days it was stocked and some days it simply was not. When we called in the evening for bottled water on New Year’s Day (after someone failed to stock our fridge), we had to wait 2 hours for them to bring us water that they should have already stocked. The following day, when they did not stock any champagne for the second time, we called the concierge and it took almost three hours and three phone calls to get the champagne. We were unable to watch the sunset on our balcony while drinking champagne because the service was so poor and unreliable. In addition, and most upsetting of all, we never received any part of the included honeymoon package. Towards the end of our stay, I called the concierge to ask when they would be leaving flower petals and champagne and was told that the person that does that was not in, and that they would "see what they could do." I called back on our last night at the resort to see if they could provide us with at least our honeymoon champagne and flowers (we were leaving too early for the breakfast at that point) and was told that she would let her manager know. NOTHING happened. We booked a honeymoon concierge room for our honeymoon and never received any of the romantic honeymoon package details that Sandals boasts about. I was devastated.

We went to Guest Services, and we spoke with the Director of Guest Services and he told us that he would look into our complaints and get back to us. I checked our voicemail several times that day and did not receive a message from him. The following day, as we were getting ready to leave, we again spoke with him. He said that he had looked into things, had a meeting about it, and would "compensate us" for our poor service. We also had a problem receiving the military discount

The Atlantis resort staff was rude
Hotel Atlantis Royal Towers
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BMcCameron >  1 contribution(s) 
May, 2004 | Leisure | With Group
I went to the Atlantis with about 20 people for a wedding last July. This was by far the worst resort I have ever been to. I am not a world traveler but have been to Negril and Ocho Rios Jamaica several times. Upon arriving at the resort, 6 of the people we were with didn’t have rooms (they were paid in full prior to us ever arriving). The Atlantis resort staff was rude and unwilling to accommodate the simplest of requests. We lost power in our rooms numerous times (at least 10), for extended periods. When we went I believe it was the off season and ½ of the resort was not accessible to us. If you would ask a staff member a question they looked at you like you were from Mars if they even acknowledged you at all. If I am writing this to give others a honest review of the resort… I would say that the outside structure of the hotel and some of the aquarium setups are very pretty and well designed. However, the total lack of respect for the guests by the staff totally counteracts the experience. We all work way too hard to be able to go on these vacations. Don’t waste your vacation or your money on the Atlantis at Paradise Island.
We went for my daughters wedding with 40 people
Hotel Breezes Bahamas
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Mary03 >  1 contribution(s) 
Jun, 2003 | Leisure | With Group
We just got back from Breezes and we just loved it. We went for my daughters wedding with 40 people and everyone enjoyed themselves. They did a great job for the wedding and it was beautiful. The people working at the hotel were so friendly and couldn’t do enough for you. I have been to many all-inclusives and I thought the buffet food was some of the best I’ve had. We never had a problem with reservations at the other two restaurants as long as you did it the day before. The beaches were very nice . Many of the people are already making plans to go back. At night they put on a show that wasn’t the greatest but then the band came on for dancing. If you didn’t like that you could go the piano bar and then the disco opened at 10:00 and that was fun too. We never had a problem getting drinks at any of the bars and they even had frozen machines that you serve your own frozen drinks and just pour in your own rum. I have never seen that before and alot of our guests loved that We would go back again because of all the things we liked about the resort and how friendly the people were.

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