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Arrival: Dec. 27, 2008-Jan. 3, 2009 We left Toronto at 6:30 a.m., arriving at Punta Cana at 11:30ish. We were booked through Nolitours-Air Transat so were staying in the Cameleon section of the resort. Picking up the bags went quickly despite another flight from Toronto at the same time. We arrived at Grand Oasis Bavaro shortly after midday, booking in through the Punta Cana side’s big lobby. One of the big differences between this resort and others is that there is no long driveway to the resort flanked by lawns and gardens (such as the Catalonia). Grand Oasis Bavaro/Punta Cana is right on the road and all their beautiful property is on the other side. I had chitchatted on e-mail with the Rooms Manager, Caren de Vries and she came out from the back office to greet us. Our 2 rooms were not quite ready but we expected it at that time of day. So we did all the paperwork and headed off to the buffet, Windows for lunch, then a tour of the resort. After relaxing on the patio at the Beach Grill and enjoying a few drinks, we got our room cards and headed off with our luggage.


Our rooms were located in the Cameleon section, Building 11 on the 3rd floor, as I had requested. We had rooms 11304 and 11308. Both were beautiful, clean and very contemporary in decor. Even flat screen TV’s! We were really impressed. We had stayed before at Casa Del Mar in La Romana and while we really enjoyed it there, my kids both commented that our rooms at Grand Oasis Bavaro were far nicer. We had 2 queen beds in each room, constant hot water and great air conditioning the entire week. We were allotted bottles of water, 2 beer and 2 pop each day and they were replenished faithfully. We had great room service, usually done by midday or shortly after.

Restaurants and Bars::
We basically found the food really good at this resort. We did not find Windows the best buffet we’d ever eaten at, but there was lots of othe choices at the a la carte’s. We loved Da Mario’s, the Italian restaurant and ate there twice. Also the Tex Mex was quite good. Only the Japanese restaurant required reservations and we ran out of time to eat there! Aqua, the restaurant located by the Bavaro section, served a great breakfast buffet. We ate there every morning and enjoyed the ambiance, plus being so close to our rooms. Also ate there for dinner one night and again it was quite nice. We managed to get a table outside and really enjoyed it there. We found the waiters really nice at all the restaurants. Yes, there were times when the tables before us were not cleared off very quickly, but if we wanted to sit there, we just moved the dishes to another table and continued on with our meal. No big deal. We enjoyed lunch at the Beach Grill(that is also the Seafood Restaurant at night). It was nice and close to the beach area, and we could be back on the beach again in no time. We were here over New Year’s and on New Year’s Eve, there was a big gala dinner at the big buffet, Windows. They closed the a la carte restaurants so everyone went to the Gala. THAT night the food was amazing at Windows! It was really delicious and they pulled out all the stops. All the tables and chairs were covered with white slipcovers so very elegant looking.

Beach/Pools/Grounds:: This was an absolutely beautiful beach and you could walk for ages in the northern direction, which my husband did every morning. One of the many really nice things about this resort was its location on the beach. It stretched lengthwise along the beach, not deep from the beach. So there was alot of beach associated with the resort but it was also very easy to access your room or the pool or restaurant, etc. Another reviewer put it right when they said it was a "cozy" resort. It’s still a big enough place with lots of areas to explore and walk through but it was not enormous, which we liked about it. We found the beach quite clean most days, with people constantly walking through and picking up the plastic glasses etc. Although the water was not really clear right in front of the resort because of the currents kicking up the seaweed and sand, it was still nice to swim there because the sand underfoot in the water was that soft soft ripply sand. A 5 minute walk up the beach brought you to the really clear aquamarine water where it was decent snorkling. That was also where the beach was undeveloped so it was rather nice to have just green bush and trees to look at instead of resort buildings and bodies! Our resort was very lush and green and beautifully maintained all the time. There were some flamingos and egrets and turtles in the various ponds around the place. I think there were at least 4 pools at this place, which is rather unusual for a resort that size. We avoided the big central pool because of its busyness and noise but really enjoyed the snake shaped pool right in front of Building 11. It was definitely a very calm oasis all the time. Some people just stayed around there with their loungers all day. This pool was also right below our rooms but it was never noisy at any time. All the pools looked very clean to my eye but there were always people maintaining them daily also.

Bathrooms off the lobby and on the beach were always quite clean considering the number of people using them! I always use that as a barometer in a resort!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
Our kids went parasailing right off the beach and loved it. It would be a good idea to try to be the first of the day, then they seem to keep you up longer as an advertisement to others!! They also went on 2 1/2 day excursions. One was the Zipline Adventure which was very well organized and very safety conscious. The other was the 4 wheeler (ATV) excursion with the Bavaro Runners I think. They really liked both of them very much but were glad it was just a half day away, as they hated to leave the beach too long! We booked both of them with our Nolitours Rep with a credit card with no problem. Our 2 Nolitours Reps were very patient and helpful with us and others and very professional.

Other Comments:: The New Year’s Eve celebration was amazing! I was abit worried that my kids (ages 22 and 23) would find it too quiet compared to their usual New Year’s parties. But they loved it. First, as mentioned before, the Gala dinner at Windows buffet. Then there was a pretty good theatre presentation with entertainers and dancers imitating Madonna, Janet Jackson, Elvis, even Usher. The backup dancers for these imitators were absolutely amazing. They obviously were the same people for each performance but could have held their own on any dance video. Then there was a beach dance party starting at 11:15 p.m. There was a DJ setup on the beach and my son, who is also a DJ, was quite impressed with their presentation. After 11:00 p.m. the dance party started and it was great music…a little bit of everything. It was all very organized and timed just perfect. Everyone was dancing and hopping to some extent. They did the countdown to midnight and of course many people had noisemakers etc that the resort had handed out. Then the most fabulous fireworks show I have seen in ages! Only the one at Disneyworld was better! It went on for ages and ages and was the most perfect ending of the night for us! It was a really happy and fun evening! We went on to bed but our kids stayed up dancing for a few more hours. The next morning the beach was surprisingly clean considering there had been a beach party there until 5:00 a.m. apparently! We had friends staying the exact same week at the Riu Palace Macao way up the beach and their time was not so positive! They all had tummy problems the entire week! We NEVER had any problems, but were very careful to just use the bottled water. We also tried a wide variety of the food offered and nothing bothered us. Back to the Riu, they found it very very large to get around, plus their air conditioning never worked well, with their sheets and towels always feeling damp and clammy the whole week! Also, their New Year’s celebration was nothing compared to ours. No beach party or anything! So… made us feel even happier with our choice.

This resort has been receiving quite a few negative reviews lately and I just want to reassure people that it IS a lovely place and definitely worth visiting and we really really enjoyed ourselves. However I did agonize over my decision beforehand because I kept reading those darned reviews!! I’m rather angry at myself now that I allowed those other bad comments to ruin my anticipation! I do have certain standards and expectations but learn to accept things done abit differently in the Caribbean. Yes, there were probably lots of "little" things that bugged people, but those things are found anywhere in the world, especially in Canada and the U.S. I feel sorry for those people that go looking for problems. Go with an open mind and let things "flow over you"! And don’t forget to ask for things with a smile on your face and in your voice! You will love it there!

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