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Leaving in a couple of days for the beautiful Gamboa resort in the Soberania rainforest, with a few days in the Pearl islands (Survivor did 3 series there). We’ve also rented a 38 foot catamaran to go around the islands…

Can’t wait!!!

Wossa….. long time no speak! ;DI’ll post them for sure, just bought myself the new Canon 7D with 18mp… no better place to try it out.. ;D

Leaving Saturday out of Montreal for 2 weeks. It will be our 3rd time at that resort.

Well… first day back at work!! Nice to be back in my own stuff but at the same time I wish I was still there, in the pool, with a nice cold rum & coke.. ;D

shirleyujest, you would have loved it!!!!

Hey Pondy ;D Where’s The Pics?

Ima Awaiting Too to see the pictures…. Bill

Hope to see you at Fiesta again this year…

Sorry, but having taken over 3000 pics… it’s a long and slow process….. hope to have them on my site before my next trip… ;D

I have heard about Gamboa resort, but i have never seen its pictures, hope you will post them as soon as possible. You make me curious ;D

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