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Hi there: I’m sure this has been asked many times before, so please just once more! I’d love to hear some suggestions from personal experiences and the prices they paid. This is for airport hotels really near to Pearson Airport in Toronto, Ont.

The other thing that is important to us is a hotel that has its own shuttle and goes straight to the airport (does not make milkrun stops at every hotel along the way).

Carlingview Airport Inn probably fits the bill for you. They have stopover packages with up to 8 days parking included (you can add more days for additioanl cost). The best part is that their shuttle runs 24/7, they are "experts" at the 3AM pick-up/departures and have coffee and pastries in the lobby for the 3AM crowd.I’ve stayed there at least once a year for the last 15+ years and, while there have been minor glitches on occasion, I haven’t felt the need to look elsewhere.

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