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Has anyone been to the Breeze Panama Spa Resort? We just booked to go on May 12 and are looking forward to this very much.

If anyone has any information to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

Never been, but do be sure to come back and let us know what you thought of it.

Been to Panama a few times and would love to return. Perhaps a different resort and Breezes looks interesting.

We’ve booked to stay at Breezes Panama Spa Sept. 1/10. I read reviews on another web site, and like always there are just some people that wouldn’t be happy at the Harbour Castle Inn downtown Toronto. This resort is new what more could a person want, All I can say is that your holiday is what you make it. How lucky that we get the chance to visit a beautiful country, lay on the beach, no cooking,work, or cleaning. Socializing, learning about another culture and meet wonderful people. We are so looking forward to visiting Panama. Lauraine (KITCHENER)

We just got back from Breezes Panama last night. Lauraine, you will not be disappointed! I too, had read some negative things and all I can say is, some people really should "recalibrate" their expectations and attitudes. You’re absolutely right that your holiday is what you make it. Go to this place with a great attitude and you will be treated very well in return.This is a beautiful new resort, with excellent food and wonderful service from all the staff. They are very eager to please and do a great job – they have been very well trained. I will write a review shortly about all aspects of the resort.

We had a great time!

Kangaroo – looking forward to reading your review.Is this resort located in the same area as the Royal Decameron?
I believe the Royal Decameron is about 10 -15 minutes west of the Breezes.

I did a review of this resort a little while ago and it seems to be be lost as it hasn’t shown up yet. Hopefully IT finds it soon so that it can be posted.

I’ve been checking off and on for your review. Hopefully it shows up.
Debbie’s IT department just informed me that the review was lost due to technical difficulties.I didn’t keep a copy and I don’t know if I will get around to rewriting it.

If you have any specific questions, I’d be happy to answer them though!

Stay tuned, I may have questions. Don’t know where to start. ;D

We are looking at it for dec this year…. did you do any excursions…. not interested in shopping trips but would like eco tours… hiking ziplines etc…. do you know what they offer and how long the travel time is to them?Thanks
Hi:We hired a driver to take us into Panama City – saw Amardor, Casco Vieijo, the Miraflories Locks of the Panama Canal, had lunch at an outdoor restaurant, drove through various neighbourhoods to see how Panama City really lives and spent an hour at a huge shopping mall. This was an almost 2 hour trip into the city and then back. My husband did an ATV tour to the Anton Valley; it was probably an hour to get there, but he really enjoyed the scenery and the ride. They offer tours to the Panama Canal (if you have seen the Welland Canal, then you won’t see anything too different, other than a lot of palm trees!), an Indian indigenous village, a shopping tour to a local village and eco canal tour, among others. Since this resort is so far away from Panama City, it will take 2 hours of travel time. Enjoy the ride from the airport – it really is very scenic. I would suggest finding a good guide book to Panama to get a better sense of what there is to see in Panama City, where the resort and what else may interest you. You can always hire a driver to take you to a place of interest. Ask at the front desk for a recommendation or the tour rep.I’m sure you will enjoy it – it is a beautiful country.
How is the sand on the beach same as the RD?Do you get to see the sunset over the oceans?

Looking at going end of Jan 2011

Are you really Koz? Hmmmm, maybe if all things work out……….
Are you really Koz? Hmmmm, maybe if all things work out………. If I start to work more, been a slow summer, but I have a great tan ;DI like the fact Sunwing leaves on Saturday

Noiltour leaves on Monday

What is the price difference between the two? Usually leaving on a Saturday is more than a weekday.

Sunwing does Breezes, Noitour RD
Just better for work to leave on a Saturday

I stayed in this hotel for a business/pleasure trip and really would not recommend Breezes Panama. While the actual staff tries to be accommodating, they are compromised by the unflexible and rude management staff. Rooms: poor with no curtains (the first in my life of a supposed 5 star hotel with no curtains to block the sunlight at 7 am every morning). Beds: poor beds.Food: poor to adequate and essentially the same things every day. If you like eating the same thing every day, great, but I expected more variety. Beach: many jelly fish, very often raining – no life guard. Not safe for kids to swim (unless you want to see your children stung and crying). They roped off a swimming area in a dirty area of water.If anything you do falls outside their "rules" and you ask for a little flexibility for the guest to be happy – forget it.

I’m happy to answer questions, but recommendation is to find a different resort for your time and money unless of course, the management changes at this location.

were you there under the old management or the new???/

It is now a Sheraton.

RR: Just curious – are they still going to be Breezes?

(We are returning to Panama in January, but going to Playa Blanca Beach Resort.)

No it will be listed as a Sheraton… it is called Sheraton Bijao Beach Resort…

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