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My wife and I just returned from our vacation in Cuba. We stayed at the Brisas Santa Lucia. We had a great time there! Before we went we read a lot of reviews about hotels in general in Cuba being lesser than the stars they claim. The Brisas is rated 4 stars, and though there are some truths to the rating levels, we found no reason whatsoever to justifying a negative review. For those tourists expecting a MacDonald’s type of service, you will be disappointed. And again you won’t find any McDonalds employees greeting you "yes, my love?" or "and what you would like, sweetheart?" (In Spanish of course, which is sooo sexy and sounds much better). The rooms were very good and very tidy, and you can count on a nice new surprise everyday on your bed. If you go to Cuba, you will come back in love with the people, and hopefully this will make a better trip. We did come across some people that had more issues dealing with life itself and who obviously made a mistake in choosing Cuba (not sure if any other place would have helped either). The point people is in your attitude. If you want to have a good time, and appreciate a very friendly people, who themselves have no chance of doing what you are doing down there, you have a good time. I found the food to be good, and varied enough for me. The Smoothie bar is a definite must (Say hello to Armando). The omelets station in the morning scores high in my list. Salvador and Alexey are great guys — and please tip those guys and gals at least once while there. Reception desk was always courteous and very accommodating. We needed to change rooms due to some very loud people we came across. Oldris was fantastic in arranging for another room and Roel was super in booking us in to one of the restaurants even though he had already closed for the day. A sincere smile can go a long way before a request. Waiters who come to mind right now are: Alina, Mario, Manuel. Bartenders: Sahari, Elvis, Jose. Cleaners: Magali and Eimilaide. And our favourite friend’s gardeners Yoel, Luis and Juan, who always had coconut water for us at a minutes’ request.

Enjoy Cuba.

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