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We got a nice and relaxing vacation. The resort hasn’t been so busy, so people said there are less attractions. We liked it more not being crowded.
People are friendly and are generally very nice (also gifts and tips are welcomed and help). The weather was excellent. If you are not so picky with the food I would recommend this resort 80% and maybe the best in Santa Lucia.

Room Block:

Arrival: Oct 26 2011

From Camaguey airport to resort we went by bus for about 1h 40 min. Bus has AC and it’s nice. Check in was quick (so was check out), without any problem. Trouble was with the food. We arrived after 2 PM when the restaurant was closed and the only food available was hotdog or hamburger from snack bar.

Rooms: Very clean, and the maid made everyday very nice towels arrangements (almost art). Hot water missing for 2 days and the rest was only between 6-9 morning and afternoon (claimed technical problem on the main pipe). Lucky the cold water is more like lukewarm which made the shower reasonable. The furniture satisfy your needs, but with the continental standards, look very old and needs at least refurbishment. Compare to how people live there, the conditions in the resort are amazing and could get 10 stars.

Disappointed I didn’t see the bathrobes advertised. Compared to Sunwing, Nolitur, gives beach towels in the room, a bottle of rum at arrival, and some special dinner. At the end this is a small value, but some people might get impressed by the attention.

Restaurants and Bars: If you are the person who wants to eat and drink a lot, all inclusive give you this chance (most of the cost are some tips eventually). If you are after good taste, this place is not for you. You can find what to eat, and will not starve, but don’t look for too much diversity and a lot of good food. I would say the fruits, and veggie and probably the meat could name it organic, but the cooks don’t know much what to do with them. The fruits were the best, specially Papaya.

The dinner reservations were terrible. After that most of the people from a la carte Restaurant went back to eat something at buffet.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The pool was awesome, most of people enjoy being there instead of the beach. The garden looks very nice and the people take care of it. The beach is clean every day and is a nice sand, and good places to sit. For the swimming, you need water shoes, and perseverance. A lot of vegetation and some rocks, made your life miserable until you get to the place to swim. Morning you go 10 min, but due to the tide, in the afternoon you go between 20-30 min and about 100-150 m in the water until you are able to swim.

However if you pass that, you enjoy swimming and could have a lot of fun doing snorkeling.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: If the weather was nice (and I guess most of the time is) you could enjoy the pedal boats, small catamaran ride, snorkeling, horse back ride…

In the evening there are nice shows (unfortunately after 5 days start to repeat). Entertainment team is very nice (specially the comedian, Rolly), and they provide some entertainment around the pool during the day too.

Other Comments: It is worth going in this place. Advices: Take with you water shoes if you want to go in ocean. Take a tour to Camaguey if you want to know a bit what is Cuba outside of resort.

Tips (gifts are preferred some time) are making the people even friendlier and more helpful. If you have room in the luggage take clothes or shoes which are still in good shape, to give them away. You might make some people happy with so little effort.

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