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I would not suggest anyone go to this resort. My gal pal and I went there and the resort was a bad experience from the beginning. We had to change rooms due to the fact that one could not stand the stench of mold and mildew, it was a room on the ground level. We switched rooms the next day which was on the second floor which was much better. The first room had no phone service which we relied on because we had booked a tour early in the am and we were told that someone would be around to knock on the door to awaken us. Luckily we awoke in time on our own. The staff was forty five minutes late in coming to our room to wake us. There was a broken lounge chair on our patio. There was an electrical outlet with bare wires in the room as well and one of the bed side lamps did not work. We were under the impression that the food in Cuba was very bland so we took our own ketchup, hot sauce, etc but even that did not help. Everything was cooked in some sort of oil or grease. Into the forth day of our vacation we developed diarrhea and had upset stomachs. The food was disgusting. The only coffee found was expresso which was so strong and thick it was like drinking maple syrup. Luckily we went on an excursion that provided us lunch one day and we visited Cocoa Beach and they provided us with a beautiful lobster dinner. Our last dinner was the only edible meal so to speak and it was a beach barbeque. Prostitution is rampant on this resort and it was absolutely appalling, this should be classified as an adult only resort. A wedding was taking place and a stag was held beforehand and the staff members were seen parading around with inflatable dolls for this stag during daytime hours and there were quite a few children on this resort. Not a good place for kids let alone adults. Like I said the food was absolutely horrid, I lost seven pounds, which I don’t mind, except I would rather lose weight the healthy way instead of starving myself. I say to anyone wanting to lose a few pounds to save their money and not join weight watchers, go to this resort as well. We had two warm showers the duration of our trip. The only good thing about this trip was the fun we made on our own and we went on some really good excursions which allowed us to escape this "hell hole of a resort". I would never recommend anyone visiting Cuba to never go to this resort.

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We arrived at approximately noonish on Thursday February 10, 2011

Never, never accept the rooms on ground floor, they smell musty with mold and mildew

Restaurants and Bars: Buffet was absolutely gawd awful, my gal pal as others witnessed cockroaches in food on the buffet.

Italian Restaurant was okay, they provided us with a beach barbeque on the night before we departed

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Grounds were okay, in lack of maintenance and there was a lot of seaweed on the beach, very disappointed.

Swim up bar was the "shits", the only stools were under the canopy in the shade.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: There were not many activities held on the resort, but we chose not to hang around too much as we were so disgusted by the resort, we went snorkelling which was an excursion which was totally awesome, we went to Coco Beach for a terrific lobster dinner, we had a tour of Camaquey which is the city this dump of a resort was in.

We did go horseback riding but we would have liked more time on the beach riding as opposed to the neighborhood which had a lot of garbage/debris present

Other Comments: We got a pretty good deal on this vacation package but all in all for the little amount of food we were able to digest, thus unable to drink much in the line of alcoholic drinks, I figure we paid more than what it was worth. I would never recommend this resort to anyone and hope after talking to my travel agent that they stick to their word and decide never to sell vacation packages to this resort again.

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