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Two months ago I visited the beautiful country of Antigua by myself in order to get over my ex boyfriend, I haven’t been able to get my Holiday off my mind ever since. I didn’t really know what to expect of Antigua being from England, as us Brits usually visit Caribbean country’s which are in the commonwealth such as Jamaica, but I thought I’d sample somewhere different and I wasn’t let down. I’ve done the Caribbean before and noticed that apart from the resorts and beaches land is rather derelict with many unfinished buildings and shacks dotted all over the place, this wasn’t a common sight in Antigua which displayed to me that Antigua is one of the "more Developed" Caribbean Countries. My Flight from Heathrow, London took about 10 hours!! I cannot bare long haul flights as i cannot sleep and I just get really bored. Eventually…. I arrived at St John’s international airport, as soon as I stepped off the plane the heat hit me like a sack of bricks it was lovely I haven’t felt heat like that in years! My Language came through rather quickly and before I knew it I was in a taxi heading to my resort the Carlisle Bay Hotel. IT WAS PERFECT!… The secluded resorts was stunning, a collection of wooden huts on the beach front surrounded by palms and other lush vegetations, A communal pool for the guests but it was hardly ever used , in fact I didn’t really see many more than 20 people throughout the entire holiday. I booked a Beach Balcony suite which I was very pleased with, it was furnished with everything I could ever need, a large comfy bed and a view over paradise to kill for.

I spent the week Sunbathing, Swimming and relaxing it really helped me Distress from my miserable life in England, I thought when I’d return back home I’d be ready to take on the world but all I want to do is go back!

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