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We found the grounds very well kept,our room clean and quiet 99% of the time, and the gentleman who raked the beach did a great job, but the water while we were there was very dirty, with lots of "grass" or sea-plants floating freely around our feet and legs, and shoulders when we tried to swim.This was disappointing, especially if one is accustomed to the pristine waters of Tobago as I was.The food was wonderful, and the Animation team fabulous, the beer Perfect, the waiters friendly and accomodating. But I got to the point I wanted to scream at the endless barrage of vendors who never gave us a moment’s peace when we were on the beach. We tried walking… just about hopeless, as even more vendors came running from the kiosks and flea markets. We couldn’t read, or nap in the sun: couldn’t even ignore them. It was so annoying.I firmly believe Celuisma should at the very least limit their time for torturing tourists… perhaps allow 1 hour in the a.m., another in the afternoon, and if that’s not possible, give the paying customer a little sign to plant firmly in the sand beside their beach chair, saying "NO VENDORS PLEASE", in Spanish.I would do this myself if ever I returned. It really did spoil many a planned siesta for us. There wasn’t even a variety of goods: each seller had exactly the same jewellery or paintings as 10 others before and after him. My other complaint is the $20.00 US calling card I bought at the gift shop did not work, and believe me many people on staff tried to help me get a call through to Canada. Complete waste of time. So I finally had to call home, "Collect". Imagine my shock when the bill rolled in, $48.00 for a 6 minute call! Major shell-shock!

Your Arrival:
Fine… no hitches.

Clean and quiet, but no special "Towel Art" as in Cuba . Only time we even had a flower or a flower PETAL, was the very first day. Boo-hoo!!!

Restaurants and Bars:
No complaints at all.

Pool was lovely, but a little too public for me… right outside the cafeteria.Grounds very nice, but water at beach very dirty.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Animation TEam were amazing; endless energy and made everyone feel welcome and important. So full of fun despite their really long hours and low pay.Talented dancers and entertainers.

Other Comments:
The Managers beach party was great: only off-site entertainers we saw all week, and they were gorgeous girls in gorgeous costumes. Drinks were beautiful and delicious.Was nice to be acknowledged by all the various managers.

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