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Will Not return Just returned from Club Amigo,my wife and friends visiting.Have been going to Club Amigo for years. What we always liked was the great service,staff and overall friendly atmosphere.Sorry its gone,still many fantastic staff work there but the place has become a haven for drunks especially the 24 hour bar. The week from April 5-12th there were about 6 bar fights,chairs being thrown around,assaults and nothing was done.My friend’s wife,5 year old daughter,and her 2 young nieces witnessed a guy sucker punch a harmless drunk in the lineup,knocking him to the floor,he was out for 10 minutes,requiring 8 stiches,the previous night my friend and I witnessed 2 fights,one guy kicking another guy in the head numerous times till I and other concerned tourists intervened to prevent further damage.With all this going on Club Amigo security sat back,watched,did not intervene,diffuse or call the police,also the bartenders at Club Amigo sat back behind the bar laughing.I brought this up to one of the security about all this violence,assaults,he laughed then pushed me aside.There was absolutely no consequences,no tourists were kicked out nor police called,it appears security will not intervene even if tourists are fighting but if Cuban tourists were doing this I’m told they would arrested and kicked out,so really the Cubans are discrimminated,in fact the week we all spent at Club Amigo the Cubans were fantastic enjoying themselves with their families.The trouble mainly are the over abundance of tourists from Canada who show no respect for Cuban workers,oftem being rude,crude and disrespectful not realizing if they were in Canada and acting like idiots they would be arrested.For some reason toursists think when they are at Club Amigo they get drunk,assault,make rude comments to females.I spoke to many tourists who have been coming to Club Amigo for years and after witnessing all the violence,realizing there is no security they also will not be returning to this once great place. If you are visiting with family ,children I would highly not recommend this hotel as they will not intervene if you are attacked,assaulted or being harrased by other patrons.After my friends wife and children witnessing this hotel with crazy drunks and no protection I will never return.This review is not based on just a disgrunted tourist who did not like the food,service or such but rather a saftey concern for anyone who is concerned for family safety.Also this is more a reflection the unwillingness for Club Amigo management to address safety for its patrons and when tourists are being harrassed,threatened or assaulted to kick the

drunks out,call the police

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