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Gran Caribe Club Ancon Sam and Irene ~ Ontario Canada

January 2006

This was our fourth trip to Cuba, previously also enjoying vacations in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. We visited this resort with friends the week between Christmas and New Years. We booked our vacation with Conquest and flew out of Toronto via Skyservice. No luggage problems in Toronto and our flight was good. We arrived in Cuba ahead of schedule and boarded the bus, along with guests for the Brisas Trinidad del Mar (which is located right next door to the Ancon). The Costa Sur resort was closed for repairs and guests who were to vacation there, were upgraded to stay at the Ancon. Our room check in was done on the bus and so once we arrived at the resort, we were good to go.

Our rooms were in the newer section of the hotel, had balconies with an ocean view, and were only a few short steps from the beach. The front of our rooms faced the bay, and in the distance the mountains and the city of Trinidad. It was a pretty view all around. Each morning we had a beautiful sunrise and each evening, an amazing sunset.

The rooms came equiped with a mini-fridge which was stocked with three cans of beer, a couple cans of pop, and bottled water, free bottle of rum, beach towels, voltage of 110 in the bathroom only, and a wire where our hairdryer was supposed to be. The maid left us new bottles of water daily. The safe was included with the room and free of charge. The beds were comfy and the showers were great. Lots of pressure with hot water both morning and evening.

The weather during our week’s stay was perfect. Warm sunny days, blue skies, the evenings balmy and warm.

The beach was very nice. White sand, turquoise water. No seaweed whatsoever, just some tiny shells at the water’s edge, and the sea was calm each day. To the left of the resort, a guard had been posted to stop guests from venturing past the resort’s boundry. To the right, you could walk past the public beach to the Brisas. Lots of beach chairs and lots of palpa’s. Never a problem getting one.

The pool was also very nice. Fresh water and very refreshing after a day in the sun and salt water. The swim up bar was not in use at all during our week’s stay. The view from the pool of the city of Trinidad and the mountains beyond was very picturesque.

There were, however, lots of bugs – sandfleas/ noseeum’s/ mosquito’s. Most guests of the resort were sporting sunburns and bug bites. The hotel did not fog during our stay.

The majority of the staff were not very friendly. It almost seemed that they didn’t want to be there. When we first arrived, we were surprised that very little English was being spoken, being a tourist destination. After a few days, and a few $$$$$, the staff began communicating in rather good English. But no matter how friendly we were, and how many tips were given, service did not really improve much. As we approached New Year’s Eve, more Cuban’s became guests at the Hotel. The Cuban guests seemed to receive far better service. Service in the dining room was almost non existant.

We had dinner one evening in the Seafood Restaurant which was very good. We enjoyed a dinner in the Itailian Restaurant which was also nice. The Cuban restaurant was closed. New Year’s Eve was a gala event in which they tranformed the entire lobby into a restaurant. The resort had roasted several pigs for the occasion, along with lobster, fish, beef and lots of fresh breads, salads and fruit as well as champagne to drink. It was very, very good. The entertainment New Year’s Eve, was rather cheesy. No fireworks or anything special marking New Year’s. We went back to our room and due to the one hour time difference, watched the ball drop in Time’s Square on TV.

Meals in the Buffet restaurant were somewhat disappointing, but we always managed to find something to eat. However, we have eaten far better food at other resorts in Cuba, some of them also being 3 star hotels.

We took a cab into the city of Trinidad. We found the people of Trinidad to be very aggresive, much like the mexican time share sales people. They were very interested in selling us anything that would part us with our dollars. We visited the markets in the city square, toured the church and other landmarks in the square, had a drink in one of the outdoor cafe’s, bought some cigars and got out of town. The trip to Trinidad was both surprising and disappointing.

We wandered down the beach and did a quick tour of the hotel Brisas Trinidad del Mar. Very picturesque, pretty pool area, comfy padded beach chairs, very nice lobby. Looked like it could be a nice place to live for a week or two.. ….

The trip back to the airport was long, but as it was daylight, interesting with much more to see. We stopped half way back to the airport at a small wayside cafe for a drink and short break. The airport was very slow and chaotic with poor service. The newest gimmick seems to be to offer VIP service for $20. cuban convertible pesos to get you to the head of the long lines, which didn’t mean much as the plane was full with downbound passengers travelling on to Santiago de Cuba. Some seats were double booked, but once we off loaded in Santiago, all was well. We reloaded and our flight home was uneventful.

In summary, a vacation is what you make of it, and we enjoyed the warm sunny days, the fabulous sunsets, the company of good friends, great mojhito’s and a week of rest and relaxation without spending a fortune. What more could a person ask for?

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Costa Morena – Santiago de Cuba Marco Gilbert
January 2003

Costa Morena de Santiago de Cuba, stayed there for 2 weeks in January 2003. I would recommend this 2 stars hotel only to peoples who have a very limited budget. Sure there are some good points like the wonderful weather, the clean rooms, the beautiful landscape and the friendly staff. But there are many problems. The restaurant is terrible, the buffet is very small with very little choice. It is the same day after day after day. Moreover it is difficult to find something hot, everything is only warm. About the snack counter you can find hot-dogs and hamburgers, but only if they are not short on bread or meat which is often the case. Don’t count on having a snack after 15h00. You could try to comfort yourself at the bar but even there you could be disappointed. One day they are missing ice, the other day the don’t have juice to make drinks, another day there is no milk for the drinks and if one day you are lucky enough and they have all the ingredients, the barman can only serve beer because he has no shaker (blender) !!! If you want to change your mind by doing some activity like pedalo, kayak, windsurf or catamaran be aware that none of these is available at the resort (contrary to what you can read in the TMR 2003 brochure). There is no sand beach at the resort. There is a natural pool where you can swim but you have to wear shoes because the bottom is rough. The resort does not provide free bottle water. They say that the tap water is drinkable but they strongly suggest that you buy bottle water !!! The entertainment is average. In conclusion this hotel is very cheap, and what you get is what you pay for… I won’t go back.


Club Amigo Mayanabo – Santa Lucia Mandy, Melissa, Betty & Jaymie

February 2005

we flew by kelowna air ..flight was meals served..nice for a change. flight was changed last minute..time and a extra stop in varadero..most people were not impressed

the hotel is very old and the rooms are in need of a major overhaul…we had mold in or room and my nieces referred to the bedding as kleenex for sheets and bedspread as a tarp…the entertain ment was the same every night. the beach was good with a pier that had hammocks on food served there

kids club was not the greatest….it had one thing outside of the pingpong table which was a little tike play house and that was it. my daughter who was 6 1/2 was not impressed and needless to say never went back again

food: lots of mystery meat…no signs to tell what is was…hotel food seem to cater to italians and germans mostly…..

there are no scooters to rent at all…we rented a very small compact car which cost $140.00 can for 24 hours….really not worth it to be honest.

this resort is rated as a 3 star but i have been all over cuba to many 3 star resorts and this is not at all a 3 star i would give it 1 1/2.

they offer you another beach to go to 1 peso each way by a motorized train….it would take about 1/2 hour to get there on a dirt road with lots of pot holes… is not worth it….very dirty beach.

if it was not for the staff at the hotel mainly michael action…this holiday would of been the ultimate worst…also no disco at this resort and the bar closes at 11:00…so any young or old travellers who like to party and dance this is not the resort.

the brisas and the caracol are much better choices….

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Club Amigo Mayanabo – Santa Lucia The Adams Family

January 2005

We arrived home after two wonderful relaxing weeks of fun and sun on Jan 15 2005. We had stayed at Club Santa Lucia in March 2004, and then we chose Club Amigo Mayanabo, for this trip, it was great also.

The staff were outstanding, they went out of their way to make our stay enjoyable, the rooms are smaller than Club Santa Lucia, however the atmosphere was what made our holiday complete.

The only problem I had were the tiles around the whole pool and hotel, when wet are very dangerous, please keep that in mind when walking any where when it has rained or water has accumulated on the tiles.

The pool was very well maintained by the best pool man in all of Cuba, Osbany, he was fantastic, he worked from 5 am until dark every day keeping everything neat and clean, and the water was salt free, and the pool has been redone in the last few years.

The food was excellent, we have been to Cuba 11 times now and it is getting better and better all the time, if you want good healthy food, there was an abundance of food in the restaurant buffet, the Ala Carte was very good, lots of food, and the chef and staff were superb, and there was also a buffet, hamburgs fries etc right beside the pool that was open all afternoon if you felt a hunger pain.

Everything was close to the pool, area, which is great, however they do need another bartender on at some peak times, people were getting a bit frustrated, at the usual, people butting in and getting served first, but that goes on everywhere.

The beach when we have been there, both times has been very very windy, so windy it was a bit frustrating and annoying to be sitting there sometimes, but it sure beat the snow storms here in Canada so we persevered, the beach bar, was never busy, likely due to the wind factor, but it is very beautiful, and Mario was a great bartender, ask for the Mario special!

We felt very much at home here, we will go back , there was something about this resort, that made you feel very welcome, we walked to Playa Santa Lucia a few times, approx 15 minute walk, and went to the school and met the principal and had a bit of a tour of the school, which was lovely and clean, we took a horse and buggy to Coco Beach, that was also worth the $6 each.

There is a piano bar that starts at 11pm, when that is finished everyone that was young in spirit and didn’t care what the morning looked like, headed over to the disco, (approx a 5 minute walk, between the resorts), for $5 you can drink the rest of the night until morning, that was what we were told, because we are early risers, we never really experienced the late night life, but we seen a few hurting people that had.

In conclusion, if you want an inexpensive, clean, friendly, beautiful, wonderful, experience in Cuba try Club Amigo Mayanabo, it was well worth the price, it was small and intimate, and that is what we like in a resort, nothing fancy, but a very relaxing holiday.

Another great Holiday in Cuba!! Special thanks to Magaly, Annia, for making everything wonderful!

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Club Amigo Mayanabo – Santa Lucia Pauline — Canada

April 2004

We just got back last night from a wonderful week of sun and beautiful white sandy beaches. We booked through Go Travel for $599 for a week of sun and fun and we got that and more. Prior to departure we read several of the hotel reviews and quite frankly we were afraid of condition of the hotel however upon arrival we were pleasantly surprised. Definitely under rated by some of the guests who were looking for the Ritz. We arrived late at night and the hotel staff greeted us with welcome snack and drinks. The hotel itself is small and inviting. The pool is sparkling clean and the man who cares for it does so with pride and joy. The rooms are clean as a whistle. Not a bug to be seen and trust me we were on alert and well armed with cans of raid. The cleaning staff should be commended for doing such a great job.

A friend of ours stayed in one of the suites. It was huge well worth the extra $10 a night. The suite was a great location for our nightly cocktails parties. The food was fabulous. Plenty of choices with something for everyone and the ice cream is to die for. If you are on the south beach diet you won’t have a problem staying with it. In my opinion the drinks weren’t the best. I found them watered down and tasteless. The mix just isn’t good unless you have a slush machine. An investment in a good slush machine to make better drinks would be a welcome addition.

For $5 per person a horse and carriage ride around Santa Lucia is well worth it. Santa Lucia is like a small picturesque village. For $17 return you can go by carriage to Cocoa Beach and have a yummy lobster dinner at Orlando’s place. Cocoa beach is a hidden treasure. It is about a half hour away from Santa Lucia. Along the way you past the salt marsh and see flocks of flamingo’s what a sight to see. It was really nice to eat at one of the local’s homes. The meal was delicious and the house was spotless. They don’t have much but boy are they happy and proud of what they do have.

The only issue we had with the trip was the late departure from Halifax and the early departure from Cuba we felt we lost out a day. Our plane left Halifax after 6pm and we didn’t get to the hotel until after midnight. On our return we left at 7:45 in the morning and arrived home after 4pm. Most other carriers leave Halifax early in the morning so you arrive before lunch and you don’t leave to come home until late afternoon. A change in the flight time would be the only change we would want for this vacation to be more than perfect.

We would go back and plan to go back next year.

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Club Amigo Mayanabo – Santa Lucia Paul Family

April 2004


We traveled April 9th to April 17th from Ottawa with Go Travel Direct via Zoom Airlines and just dealing with these two companies made the vacation worthwhile. Lisa and Gareth were awesome and the airlines were very friendly, the plane was spacious and the food was great as well. We left Ottawa at 6am and we arrived 3.5 hours later (1/2 hour early) and going through customs was well going through customs (about 1 hour). Found our rep immediately and we were on our way to the bus. These was our (myself, my wife and daughter) first time anywhere in Cuba but have traveled to the DR a few times so we came with the proper mindset. The drive from the airport was about an hour 10 minutes and our rep Lisa gave a great Cuba intro while we were offered cold beer or water or Cola, which helped lessen the drive. Upon arrival to the resort check-in went very smoothly only took about 20 minutes and we were off to our room. We stayed in Building 1 and this was perfect, away from all the noise yet it seemed only a quick walk to the pool and beach. The room was basic but very functional nice size so the three of us never felt crowded. Being from Canada and traveling during the hockey playoffs it was nice to be able to catch a few games on the television. The remote control air conditioner was great and being on the first floor the patio was great to dry the "wet stuff", surprisingly the second floor rooms didn’t have a balcony. The resort is laid our so you never felt crowded by people but the resort felt intimate because it was small only 225 rooms. The staff was great, our hats off to and not only including Arias (our chambermaid) who took the time out of her extremely busy and long day to teach my daughter the art of towel folding, Boris (mixes a mean Rum and Lemon) Miguel, Michael and Alex how were all very steady bartenders. The wait staff at the buffet was so attentive; Fidel and his wife were fantastic as well as Felix and Mavis. Our hats off the Santa who worked behind the grill all day. Daniel at the snack bar was the best after one day he always had "the usual" ready as soon as we made it to the grill. The beach was a little different being a coral beach like I have read in other reviews water shoes are a must. Please do not think the beach is terrible because even though it was a little rough on the feet the beach was beautiful. White sand usually gets very hot by midday but the sand stayed cool and there were places especially to the right where the sand had the constancy of talcum powder. There is a nice quaint bar out over the water (only one of the other hotels had this unique feature). One nice surprise was the lack of vendors on the beach, which was a very nice change to the commercialized beaches in the DR and pretty well everywhere else. The vendors setup shop with little tables and you had to approach them to see their wares. We visited all the other resorts and found they were all very nice. All had subtle differences Like Club Caracol seemed a little more modern but had a small pool, Brias was soooo crowded and Club Mayanabo had a large pool and the less crowded beach, so there was a trade off with comparing the resorts in the area (we never went to The Gran). The food was perfect while everything on the menu didn’t suit everyone’s taste there was always something to eat and leave full. The desert area was something homemade ice cream and pastries. My family thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in Playa Santa Lucia while we never made the "bar run" Rumba, Cultural Center and then La Junga (we did make it to Rumba). We did visit the salt factory and visit a day care and do a horseback tour of the area, our snorkeling excursion was cancelled due to high winds (the only day of wind) and the shopping was excellent. In closing for the price $732.00 each and the service from the hotel staff and the travel reps I will be coming back to this resort in a heart beat. Another reason would be just for the people, they may look poor but are so rich in life.

Note: Everyone said to wait unit we got back to the airport to purchase souvenirs but don’t inflated price there especially on liquor and cigars, we found the prices anywhere between 25% to 75% higher then the local stores.

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Club Amigo Mayanabo – Santa Lucia Karen — Canada

April 2004

My husband and I returned from Club Amigo Mayanabo, Santa Lucia Beach near Camaguey last night April 22/04. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and plan to return to this resort! One must travel to Cuba with an open mind. You can not be fussy. Things are different there, so don’t expect it to be like home! I am sure we could have found things to complain about but why bother? I was not sure what to expect and was so pleasantly pleased with Club Amigo Mayanabo. It is a perfect 3 star resort! The grounds of the resort were lovely, surrounded by palm trees. The pool was gorgeous and there was a bar by the pool. Sometimes you needed to be patient with the service but you are vacation, chill out and relax. Don’t let little things upset you. The beach was beautiful. A very basic beach bar but it was there! Water sandals are useful as it is a little rough right in front of the resort, however if you walked to the right on the beach the sand was quite smooth. The rooms were very simple, but very clean and lovely and bright. I would bring a pillow next time. We stayed in building 3 which I had heard was not as good as the other 2 buildings. Our room was just fine. Yes, not very sound proof. Bring some earplugs or we discovered just closing your bathroom door helps! The air conditioner will also drown out the sounds from the disco next door. The food was fine. We were always able to find something to eat. There is always rice, pasta, fish, bread and fruit. Loved the bananas! Didn’t really care that I couldn’t have wine with lunch, I had it with dinner. I found the staff quite warm and friendly. Some were better than others but for the most part if you smiled at them or greeted them, they greeted you! It is not a huge party place. Santa Lucia Beach is not really near anything. You can walk to the other few resorts. This is a place for relaxation and rest. The winds were very high but we were told this was not a usual thing. However it would have been very hot without the wind! We had plenty of sunshine! I felt incredibly safe the whole time we were there. We took a horse and cart on a little tour of Santa Lucia and were able to visit a school which was most interesting. We did bring plenty of little gifts; candy, pens and paper for the kids and toiletry items for the adult staff. Even a small cash tip is very much appreciated. The best tip I read via the Internet was to bring an insulated mug. This was a great idea and a must! Loved my coffee on the beach in the morning and then it kept my drinks cold and because they were bigger than the little plastic cups I didn’t have to go to the bar as often! This was my second visit to Cuba and I loved it again. It is a wonderful country!

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Club Amigo Mayanabo – Santa Lucia Sherry — Canada

April 2004

Hi There,
We just returned home yesterday and while we had a wonderful time it wasn’t due to the resort or the service! I’m confused as to who rated it a 3 to 3 1/2 , depending on where you look. It would rate a 2 in Canada and could be rented hourly…. ahhh…

Upon arrival we were taken to our room ( the first of three!!) and it was absolutely terrible…. the curtains were hanging off the wall, the bathroom was dingy and stained.. too much for me… so we requested a change. Room #2 was almost as bad. The soap had been used, the curtains were half up, half off and the toilet seat was stained and really gross. Room # 3 was better but still didn’t deserve a 3 star rating…think parking garage….concrete pillars…dark…. and the toilet wouldn’t flush… we had to fill it up from the tap.

The beach was do need beach shoes when the tide changes due to the coral reef….not as nice or as well kept as Veradaro…but they did have lawn chairs and Ricardo was wondeful to set them up and wipe them off.

The majority of the staff were not friendly or helpful….except of course the reception staff..they were great. Expect to serve yourself in the dining room…wait in line at the pool bar ( 1 or 2 bartenders on at a time ) and if you are remotely fussy about what you eat this may be a problem. The dining room recyles everything leftover . Hot dogs ( 2 types) for breakfast lunch and supper, potato chips, rice , beans, pizza and three other choices…usually a potato, peperoni , sliced ham etc. They do have a pasta bar and they make omlets and fried eggs in the morning.

The biggest difference from other resorts we have stayed at was probably the very noticeable presence of hookers….. no not lookers….HOOKERS…available for the guests ! And they were hired and squired about the resort. I found this a little tacky considering it was a family resort.

The biggest plus was of course the price…but I personally didn’t think it worth even that and will not be returning to the area.

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Club Amigo Mayanabo – Santa Lucia Francine — Canada

February 2004

My sister and I went to this all-iclusive in Santa Lucia, Cuba in February 2004. This is a budget hotel run by the Cubans and it shows… The rooms are very basic and they look like a run-down hunter’s shack but after the initial shock when first showed your room, you sort of get used to it. Some people told us that buildings 1 and 2 had better rooms and that our building (# 3) was the ghetto!! The beach is small (although one of the largest of the 4 hotels in the area) but is very nice.You should bring water shoes as the shore is broken-down coral for at least a couple of yards and hurts the feet. It is very weedy also but it is easy to find big areas of weed-free and soft-sand bottom and the water is very warm. We enjoyed the ocean and swam for long hours every day as well as taking advantage of the free water sports (catamaran, sailboats, peddle-boat, etc…) We even saw an ultralight airplane owned by cuban pilots and they seemed to be offering rides to the tourists. There is now a beach bar which you can access by a long jetty and the bar man Miguel is very efficient and nice.

The food was decent with a good choice at almost every meal. The desserts are very good and the home-made ice cream is suberb! What I found most pleasant at this hotel was the possibility of taking long walks on the main road of Santa Lucia thus getting a glimpse of how the Cubans live. I do not think this is hotel for those who are looking for luxury but for those on abudget looking for sun, warmth and a good peaceful vacation this is a good choice as long as you’re gettin a good deal! (this is at most a 2 1/2 *)

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Hotel Ancon – Playa Ancon – Trinidad Lynny

January 2006

Hi there just returned from two glorious weeks Jan 5-Jan 19 2006, in the Ancon in Trinidad Cuba, it was fantastic weather.

We had rooms in the Colonial section which were very nice. The staff went out of their way to accommodate our requests. Trying to imagine that that resort was devastated only in 2005 by the hurricanes it endured, they have done a remarkable job in refurbishing it in such a short time.

The dock, which I understood had a beautiful thatched room on the end is completely gone except for the metal post sticking out of the water where it once stood, and I also understand there was a huge illuminated sign which could be seen for miles that sat atop of the Hotel that has never been seen again. So I was very impressed with all the work that has been accomplished in such a short time.

The food was adequate, this is our 14th trip to Cuba and have only stayed at the same resort once before, so we have ate at different levels, the buffet was a bit of a disappointment, I have had better buffets in Cuba, but it certainly wasn’t terrible by any means. They have 3 Ala cartes you can also dine at and they were very good. The beach restaurant which by the way was open 24/7 served pizza, cheese and ham sandwiches, hamburgers, french fries etc. so there was an abundance of food for the weary travellers.

The beach is beautiful, and I have to agree it must be the nicest beach on the Caribbean side of Cuba, you could walk for miles and miles on the white sandy beach, and it was very nice to swim in.

I was impressed by the abundance of activities you could do, having the town of Trinidad so close (approx 10 minute drive) and the history is fantastic for sight seeing, you have the mountains to tour in also, the beautiful beach to relax on. There is no reason anyone should be bored at this resort.

I have to admit I would love to go back again, you cannot beat the price, and the sun was certainly a welcomed sight.

So if you want mountain view, white sandy beach, a very historic town to visit, diving in the Caribbean, snorkeling, Catamaran rides etc. and not break you pocket book, then this is the place for you!

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Hotel Ancon – Playa Ancon – Trinidad M & M ~ Canada

January 2006

This was our 8th trip to Cuba, we had never been to the Trinidad area , since the Brisas resort was full we ended up going to the Ancon next door. We had been to 3 star resorts in Cuba and did not have high expectations, we traveled with friends and were just looking for some fun in the sun. Unfortunately this was our first dissappointment in Cuba and we will not return to this area.

Flight out of Toronto was with Skyservice, it was without delay, served a warm meal, seats a little tight but no complaints.

Customs clearing in Cienfuegos went quick, but the 90 minute bus ride to our hotel was long……

The Buffet restaurant was kept open for our arrival, the food was not very good, poor variety, lots of mystery dishes, no fresh vegetables, fruit was limited, we thought because it was late, but food did not improve the whole week we were there, actually the worst we had ever had anywhere. During our week there, they offered a seafood restaurant downstairs which we tried one night, it was very good with fresh salad and lobster. New Years Eve dinner was good, they turned the whole lobby into a buffet restaurant, they tried very hard and put on a good spread with lots of variety. The Italian restaurant was also good. We never had a chance to try the Cuban restaurant so can’t comment on that.

The service overall was somewhat lacking, staff was not real friendly, most would not speak any English until we tipped them and then they were fluently speaking to you????

Lots of local people stayed at the hotel over the holiday season, and were always waited on first even if they were in line behind you at the pool snack bar, they were served first, this did not make things pleasant a lot of the time.

Rooms were small but clean, with balconies facing the ocean, had beautiful sunset every night, mini fridge with 3 beers, some pop and water. Water was replenished every day, but not the beer or pop that was a one time deal.

Lots of hot water, showers worked great with lots of pressure.

Beach and ocean were beautiful, the water was warm and shallow to walk into, it got deeper gradually, no big waves so one could float quite nicely. Unfortunately once you came to the end of the hotel property, you were stopped by a police man and not allowed to go further, apparently a few days prior to our stay some people had been robbed down the beach, so much to our disappointment we could not take long walks on the beach.

During our catamaran ride we noticed army guards patrolling on the hotel rooftop, couldn’t not figure out the reason for this.

We took two Cuba taxis to the city of Trinidad, which turned out to be another disappointment, people were very aggressive in the the market square, almost worse then in the Dominican Republic, our men were hounded to buy cigars out of several peoples living rooms, these people were sooo persistent it became annoying! Overall this adventure to town turned into a bad experience and we could not wait to get out of there.

On the whole the entire staff of the hotel was not friendly, the service in the buffet restaurant was none existent, most days we ended up setting our own tables, got our own wine and coffee, the tablecloths were never changed the entire week we were there, and were rather disgusting by the end of the week.

Did we have a good time, yes, we made our own fun, would we return, NO, there are a lot of nicer places to go to in Cuba!!!!!

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Hotel Ancon – Playa Ancon – Trinidad Morris

April 2005

Ola my vacation reviewers. This is Morris from Montreal again (wrote about Atlantico in Guardalavaca last time.)

This time I went to Hotel Ancon on Playa Ancon in Sancti Spiritus about 1 hours drive from Cienfuegos Airport

I just got back on Thursday April 7th from 2 weeks at Hotel Ancon in Trinidad and it was absolutely wonderful.This hotel is rated 2 1/2 stars but I believe it deserves a star up on this rating .The Brisas is right next door (you can walk over to it from the beach -about 100 yards away) and is rated a star higher but the food is the same (I asked some guests at the Brisas) The architecture is a bit more modern and it is a newer hotel but you also pay a few hundred dollars more. The older section of the hotel (the main building at Ancon) the rooms are a bit small but the bathrooms,air conditioner,beds are all pretty good and they work and who spends time in their room during the day anyway.The newer rooms in the new section are a bit bigger. The weather was 32 Celsius and sunny for all the 2 weeks. The Caribbean Sea is a gorgeous blue green color and warm The Cuban people like I said in my other review are beautiful and genuinely are outgoing and friendly if you only speak them as some of them are shy with tourists but with a little smile you can strike up a warm conversation any time. The city of Trinidad (14 kilometers away and a short 5-7 peso ride) is a charming town with plenty to see and do.The outside bazaars are everywhere and you can get all kinds of handmade goods, from carvings to cotton tablecloths to clothes and of course cigars, hand rolled on the spot or in the box whatever you prefer. I was invited to share a meal at a Cuban’s house and if you accept (I strongly advise you to do this as many tourists do take advantage of some of this Cuban hospitality) and you will have a beautiful and long lasting friendship with the family that invites you to their house).I miss Cuba and it’s people already and I will go back when my next vacation is due. Wishing you all a happy and memorable holiday I will say adios until next time.

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Hotel Ancon – Playa Ancon – Trinidad Maureen

December 2003

This is an older hotel on Ancon beach near Trinidad on the south coast of Cuba. It is said to have been built by the Russians during their time on the island. The hotel is in two parts. The older center part is 6 or 7 floors. On the top floor are several suites.These are shabby but spacious with a huge veranda overlooking the ocean. They are worth asking for tho there is now probably a premium. The other rooms we saw were small and somewhat worn. The food was not very good but we were always able to find something to eat and were never sick. They made a salad from left over fries mayo and peas which was memorably awful. The beach was very good. A bit of a walk and you could have lots of beach to yourself. The guests seemed to be mainly european. The area is wonderful. Rent a little car and spend a day or two driving around. The mountains are very beautiful. The people are shy but friendly and polite. The roads are marked sparingly but there are signs. The city of Trinidad is very close and worth several visits. The hotel is also across the road from the Sunsail charter base and this is why we came here. The sailing in the islands off the south coast of Cuba is amazing. There are almost no other boats except for a few fishing and lobster boats. The navigation is simple line of sight to the next island. We will go back.

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Last updated: April 17, 2006

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